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Jeudi 09 novembre 2023 à 18:00

Candidat - Meilleure opération marketing


Campagne - Local Stories by Mercure

Local Stories’ purpose is to strenghten Mercure’s local anchorage by positioning hotels and hoteliers at the heart of the hidden secrets of a city.

Nowadays, traveling habits have changed. People have a taste for real experiences. They wish to discover authentic and new places but kept the same expectations of a high-quality service.

Mercure is the fitting answer to these new desires. We offer our guests an authentic and local experience, combined with a high-quality service.

At Mercure, we pushed the local experience even further by creating the operation: Local Stories. Thanks to this innovative process, we spread our local anchorage beyond our hotels. With its Local Stories, Mercure gives to guests the opportunity to discover secrets only locals know. Whether historical anecdotes or hidden places or unusual tips, these are surprising stories that will immerse our guests in the atmosphere of the surroundings.

Our enthusiastic hoteliers play a key role as they have already enabled the creation of more than 1000 secrets available on our website, mercure.com.

Within our hotels, various decorative collaterals have been created to intrigue our guests and enhance discussion with our staff. These are ambassadors of the operation as they have been trained to share their local knowledge and tell these stories to our guests!

To promote this operation, a 360° media plan has been created to spread the message on different touchpoints to reach a diversified and larger audience.

We launched paid and targeted touchpoints, social media activation, PR and e-PR strategies to entertain our community and seek out a new audience.

We have also capitalized on owned media and activated our community with e-mailing campaigns and attractive contents on social media pages.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone can share they very own local stories thanks to our UGC form on our website!

We observed astonishing results and we are ready to write the next chapter of local stories!


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