Évenement Hospitality ON - Awards

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Jeudi 09 novembre 2023 à 18:00

Finaliste - Meilleure Campagne de Communication

Melia Hotels

Campagne - Metamorfosis by Melia

A Melia summer will make you feel so good that you’ll be transformed

Melia Hotels - Metamorfosis By Melia
Melia Hotels - Metamorfosis By Melia

Summer arrives and after the whole year working and taking responsibilities, all of us need a well-deserved holidays. A time for ourselves in which we can relax with our people and push away the stress we had during the whole year.

Saying it, is easy; but making it happen, not that much. You must go to a place where everything is thought for your wellbeing, and where everyone has the passion to help you.

At Meliá, we want you to have the perfect holiday. A summer that renews and changes you completely, from inside and outside, in body and soul. We want your holidays with us to help you face all the challenges you will have the rest of the year. We want you to rediscover yourself.

Metamorfosis by Meliá.

Discover the power of our summer.


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