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Jeudi 09 novembre 2023 à 18:00

Candidat - Meilleure Campagne de Communication


Campagne - ibis Is For you

Ibis international advertising campaign, rises ibis brands in a new communication area : the personalized communication, featuring different guests living and sharing true personal experiences.

With their new advertising campaign « for you, you and you » ibis brands create a true break both with their previous advertising campaigns and with the hospitality market.

8 films, 19 photos, 19 gifs show with humor different targets shot by themselves in realistic scenes of daily life.

Ibis brands make the demonstration that their offers are indeed well suited to all travelers : each script enhances a consumer insight with an ibis product offer answer, thus facilitating consumers identification. The style of the production is also very novative thanks to the very short video selfies, shot 100% with smartphones cameras. More human, less functional, ibis brands demonstrate their leadership position on the economy segment with a clear enhacement of their 3 brands : ibis hotels, ibis Styles, ibis budget.

Started in May 2017 in France with a 360°plan including tv, the campaign has been also displayed in Europe, in Asia and in Brazil. More countries and regions all over the world will use the campaign during the next coming months.

New creative materials will be produced to establish a strong advertising platform during at least 2 years.


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