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Évenement Hospitality ON - Awards

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Mardi 03 novembre 2020 à 18:00

Candidat - Grand Prix Worldwide Hospitality Awards


Campagne - Huazhu

China Lodging Group was founded in 2007 with 15,551 employees. Its predecessor, Powerhill, started hotel operation in 2005. Under the lease model, we directly operate hotels typically located on leased properties. Under the manachise model, we manage manachised hotels through the on-site hotel managers we appoint and collect fees from franchisees. Under the franchise model, we provide training, reservation and support services to the franchised hotels and collect fees from franchisees but do not appoint on-site hotel managers. We apply a consistent standard and platform across all of our hotels.


Huazhu is a leading and fast-growing multi-brand hotel group in China with leased, manachised and franchised models. 

Our brand porfolio covers the full travel lodging market, from economy, midscale to upscale. HanTing Hotel, Elan Hotel and Hi Inn are economy hotel brands. JI Hotel and Starway Hotel are midscale hotel brands. Joya Hotel and Manxin Hotels and Resorts are upscale hotel brands.



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