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Jeudi 09 novembre 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Meilleure initiative en matière de gestion des talents

Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf

Campagne - C Resorts Casting Call

The C Recruitment Campaign, a Casting Call to pique the curiosity of dynamic, young Mauritians looking for a new adventure in hospitality.

C Resorts is the fun and cool, younger sister of Constance Hotels & Resorts.

We have positioned C Resorts in the ‘Upper Upscale’ segment of the global hospitality market and are investing the brand with the proven desirability of a contemporary ‘Lifestyle’ brand. Both brands share the same DNA but have different personalities.

C Mauritius is the first hotel of the new brand, situated on the east coast of the Mauritius.

Dedicated to innately curious people, who dream to escape from the daily worries of being an adult, C Resorts experience is about reviving the true value of play. Each C Resort is a place to regain the free spirit of the youth and let go of the adult concerns into a natural and playful location.

Decorated with plenty of local touches and stylishly designed for guests to enjoy thrilling experiences. Perfect balance between casual relax and lively spirit, the resorts are Nature’s Playground, places where anything is possible.

Come play. Let go. Feel free.

In line with the brand concept, we needed to find hospitality code breaker employees that could match best the profile we needed and hire them in a different, cool, fun and vibrant manner.

Hence, was born the C Resorts Casting Call!


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