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Jeudi 09 novembre 2023 à 18:00

Lauréat - Manager de l'année


Campagne - Geraldine DOBEY - Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet's Paris

Geraldine’s decision to join the Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet's Paris in 2015 was an easy one. The mission was very clear and the projects for the Maison were clearly challenging but very exciting

An ambitious strategic plan was prepared and presented to owners and shareholders to reorganize and reposition the Hotel and Restaurant. Key actions included:

- Reorganization of the remuneration policies within the F&B service teams, rationalization of the F&B offering reducing it from 8 outlets to 4 and including a complete revision of all concepts

- Renovation of the existing hotel in 2017 plus the conversion of a new wing to add an additional 19 keys including 3 Signature Suites and a unique Harcourt Studio Suite to be delivered in 2019

- Launch of “Fouquet’s Reloaded”, a 2 year plan to completely reposition the Hotel & Brasserie including a full review of products and services accompanied by a training plan for all teams

- Develop auxiliary sources of revenue, Urban Detox Cures in the Spa, a Concept Store in the lobby, Le Fouquet’s Crepes stand, show case rentals etc.

After a closure of 6 months in 2017 it took a full year to recuperate existing guests and recruit new clients. Very encouraging results started to show as of September 2018 and forecasted results through to the end of the year exceeded expectations.

However, the Yellow Vests movement began and with it began the descent of Le Fouquet’s into extremely difficult times. It reached a climax on March 16th when the black blocks vandalized and burned the restaurant accompanied by yellow vest demonstrators who ransacked the restaurant and bar with such damage that closure was imminent for some time.

Since March 16 2019 the strategy remains unchanged but certain courses of action must be taken in order to limit the damage and secure the future of this Parisian Maison

The team:
Accompany the colleagues particularly affected by the trauma and violence experienced. Reassure them by guaranteeing all benefits during the closure. Constant communication throughout the 4 month period and detailed training programs ensured Le Fouquet’s reopened successfully in July.

Marketing & Communication:
A dynamic and aggressive communication plan is necessary to quickly eliminate all the negative coverage of Le Fouquet’s and replace it with positive information and messages on all websites and social media channels.

Accelerate the completion of the extension despite the addition of an additional project to repair and renovate the Restaurant. Launch the new Suites, the new restaurant Le Joy, celebrations of the 120th anniversary of Le Fouquet’s and any other initiative to create content that sends positive information to the market. Strive continuously to reposition the Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris.

Ensure the highest levels of Quality Service top recruit guests that will become advocators for Le Fouquet’s

Geraldine is nominated for this award as recognition of leadership skills in the most testing of times. Remaining positive, reassuring and focused to provide the teams with a plan to ensure the hotel is back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Adapting the short term action plan to react to situations of crisis, to keep the team together and remain focused on the mid and long term strategic objectives are a true test of a General Manager and indeed of all actors in the hospitality sector.


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