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Finotel shows its first positive results

Within two months of commercial activity, the French Finotel company was able to collect 10 million euro from individuals wishing to invest in the hotel sector. This sum goes beyond the expectations of the new financial offer's founder, Olivier Carvin, representing almost a third of the total 35 million euro that the company aims to meet by the closing date in July 2014, and double the projected amount determined by Finotel for the first two months of activity.  Finotel was created in August 2013, for a duration of seven years, with a goal of collecting 35 million euro from individuals wishing to benefit from the estimated 8% to 11% profit, capitalized over the term of their investment. Add to that 25 million euro in bank loans for a purchasing power of 60 million euro, to acquire between six and ten hotels in Paris and other big cities in France and Europe. The establishments in question will then be managed by the Maranatha group, which Olivier Carvin directs.

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