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Clothing brand Quiksilver to enter the hotel sector

Quicksilver clothing, known for its California surf style, plans on entering the hospitality market with the establishment of Quicksilver Hotels & resorts International. This will be an independent entity, but still have an exclusive licensing agreement and a presence in Quicksilver stores."Quiksilver envisions expanding its brand into the hotel sector via a chain of 3- to 4-star establishments for family tourism, as a place where people can travel with family and have their children be active", says Jay Rogers, President of Alpha Strategies Investment Marketing, the company in charge of marketing for the chain.This hotel concept will cater to the sports tourism sector, with wave pools for surfing, skate parks, and wind tunnels for indoor skydiving. 250 million dollars have already been raised for the project in the first round of funding, by the Matteson Capital development company which is behind the project.The first of these establishments will be opening in Palm Springs. The company is looking into further locations such as Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Anaheim, and Orlando.


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