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Map of the week ! June #3

Which hotels opened this week? What are their styles? Under which brand? With how many rooms? So many questions to which Hospitality ON decided to offer better answers: here is our map of the week.

From now on, every weekend, our team will offer you a map showing the new hotels opened worldwide over the last 7 days. It will show all the properties that have appeared in Hospitality ON's nets: in particular hotels that belong to groups, chains, voluntary networks... You will find the location of the new hotels, a selection of photos, the most important information. Everything that will enable you to have a glimpse of tomorrow’s hotel world. The focus will be a view of what happened during the week, including signed deals and planned openings. Once again, the map is not exhaustive or perfect, and it will probably be corrected often to add a hotel that slipped away. Nevertheless, over the weeks it will allow us to give a good representation of the trends and the state of the global hotel market: what are the trendy destinations? Which brands are most popular? In addition to the weekly menu you will also find the cumulative map with all hotel openings since early May. So this is the new editorial rendez-vous! The little Friday curiosity. 2 maps, 1 for the week, 1 for all openings, to see in near real time what is happening on the hotel front. 2 maps that you can also used as invitations to travel, which on the eve of the weekend, never goes unwelcome.

The Map of the week (between the 17th and 23th of June)


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