Second year for the AAIMHI scholarship fund Divers IMHI

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Launched in 2022, the scholarship will also be available for 2023 following a decision from the board of the alumni association of the ESSEC MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI), AAIMHI.

The student(s) selected by the AAIMHI board and the scholarship sponsor, will have his/her IMHI tuition fee paid by the scholarship. AAIMHI aims at rewarding students “from international origins, regions, or cultures and/or students from recognized minority groups.”

Ramsay Rankoussy (IMHI 2011) made a donation for the 2022 Divers’IMHI fund that allowed to support Isabella Alberti (IMHI 2024) from Venezuela. For 2023, Jean Baptiste Recher (IMHI 2011) & Chinmai Sharma (IMHI 2003) are ready to support new students.

Jean Baptiste is currently Vice President Development Luxury Brands at Accor and based in Dubai and Chinmai is currently President at RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (NSE,BSE: RateGain) in Dallas. A global provider of SaaS solutions for the travel and hospitality industry with clients in more than 100+ countries.

Pierre Innocenti, student in 2001 managed a restaurant Livio in Neuilly France with his brother and tragically lost his life during the he Bataclan attacks on November 13, 2015 in Paris. His class wanted honor his memory by creating a special sponsorship.

« We would like to sincerely thank our incredible alumni for giving back to the community with their generous donation and for being a continuously active member of our strong alumni association. » Says the press release announcing this new year of scholarship.

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