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Jasem Abdulla Batran

Jasem Abdulla Batran

A UAE National, Jasem Batran, who was born and raised in Dubai, has been with Jumeirah since 2007. With over 20 years in the security industry, he has gained a wealth of international experience working for a variety of airports and Government facilities. 

As Group Chief Security Officer and a member of the Jumeirah Executive Committee, Jasem Batran is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership to the Jumeirah Security team throughout the company’s global businesses. He builds and maintains key relationships with the Government and private sectors to ensure Jumeirah remains aligned with State standards as it expands internationally. 

Under his leadership, Jumeirah’s security department has been recognised as one of the most advanced in security standardisation and the application of new technologies. Jasem Batran is a key player in supporting Jumeirah’s vision, its operations and the protection of its stakeholders, assets and interests.

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