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Frank Rosenberger

Frank Rosenberger

TUI Group

Member Executive Board

Frank Rosenberger has been appointed as member of TUI Group’s Executive Board with effect from 1 January 2017. He assumes responsibility for IT and New Markets. Prior to this, Rosenberger had been responsible for the TUI Group's strategy division since 1th October 2015.

In his previous role as Director Group Technology Products and Services at Vodafone Group Plc, which he held since 2011, he was in charge of the international development of new business opportunities. These included innovative new business areas such as the development of mobile payment platforms as well as cloud and security solutions. He was member of the global top management team, the Senior Leadership Team of Vodafone Group.

Frank Rosenberger started his long-standing management career in 1994, holding various management functions for the Vodafone Group, the Group’s largest operating company Vodafone Germany and the predecessor of the latter, Mannesmann Mobilfunk. Since 2006 he had been a member of the Executive Committee of Vodafone Germany: From 2006 to 2008 he was Marketing Director, with responsibility for 250 employees and a budget volume of 200 million euros. His responsibilities included Product and Tariff Development, CRM, Strategy and Brand. In 2008 he additionally assumed responsibility for Distribution. Until 2011, he was Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Consumer Business, managing 2,500 staff and a budget of 1.5 billion euros whilst generating revenues of 5.5 billion euros.

Serving as CCO Consumer Business, he turned around the long-term trend of decreasing revenues per customer into increasing revenues. He also achieved a sustained turnaround of sales and margins, enabling Vodafone Germany to resume market leadership in the mobile communications market at the end of 2011. Frank Rosenberger played a key role in the market launch of the UMTS standard and achieved UMTS market leadership with his team. He was instrumental in creating key management tools in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or customer focus (NPS).

Following the takeover of the fixed-network communications company Arcor AG in the summer of 2008, Frank Rosenberger additionally became board member of Arcor AG alongside his existing function. There, he was also in charge of the Consumer Business and held that position until the integration and merger of the company with Vodafone at the end of 2009. During that period he merged the distribution and marketing operations of the two companies and brands into a new integrated Consumer Business which has since offered fixed-line, mobile and internet services under the single unified Vodafone brand.

Prior to his appointment to the Executive Committee of Vodafone Germany he held various management function at Vodafone and Mannesmann. He started his professional career in 1994 after graduating from the Technical Universities of Darmstadt and Helsinki with a degree in industrial engineering and management.

During his many years of service for the Vodafone and Mannesmann Group, he was involved in the development and commercial market launch of numerous innovations and new services and technologies such as UMTS and LTE and the launch of SMS services and the CallYa prepaid offering. Working for the Vodafone Group, he also rolled out the multi-media portal Vodafone live! across the Group, the precursor of today’s mobile Internet solution used on modern smartphones.

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