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Lauréat - Best Accommodation Concept


Campaign - YUST

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YUST is a mix of flexible housing, unique events, food, drinks and great services with a baseline of art and culture.


YUST, Young. Urban. Style.

It’s new, it’s young, but not only. It has something special, like a twist. It’s a place within places. You can share your experience or keep it for yourself.

Rent a bed for a night or make a loft your home for a month or a year. Attend one of our events or create yours. Leave the daily stress behind and hold a conference in the Freddie or Mercury room; or work alone around the co-working table.

Lunch with your colleagues or dine with your family.

YUST is a blend of living accommodations and services, for everyone. The whole point? Stimulate the community spirit and prevent social isolation.

YUST is located in the Coveliersstraat, in the new and emerging district of Antwerp: Berchem. It’s all you need, just under the same roof. Open your mind, enrich your knowledge, connect with people. YUST TALK TO STRANGERS!

YUST STAY – The living

At YUST, you can stay one night up to one year. It’s a blend of a hotel and long-term living concept.

The YUST Short stay offers five kind of rooms for the night, from the ultra-ergonomic 8 people dormitories to the luxurious 2 people royal suites.

For the ones wishing to stay longer, YUST proposes two kind of city-lofts: YUST a Loft and YUST a loft XL, respectively 35 and 55sqm.

The Long stay accommodations are fully furnished, with a Smart TV, fast Wi-Fi, heating, air-conditioning, water & linen. That’s not all, the co-habitants also have the possibility to have their apartments cleaned and their sheets changed once a week. That’s still not all. They can enjoy our yoga classes, our fitness, free rides with our (electric) bikes or electric cars and rent our meeting rooms once a month for free.  

People from both accommodations share the same services and facilities in the common area which gives them the opportunity to connect and share daily habits with other souls.

YUST EAT – Bar & Restaurant

YUST Food is a food-sharing concept, with a baseline of bistronomic & healthy food. It offers a wide choice of sharing plates for one, two or more people. The young and talented Laurens Jaspers stands behind the stoves & focuses on health and quality. He creates colorful plates with the best ingredients for lunch and dinner. For the ones staying at YUST, a buffet is served every morning for the breakfast.

YUST Food, it’s also the ideal place to couple business & lunch for the ones willing to work and eat at the same time.

YUST WORK – meeting rooms

YUST also offers the possibility to organize your business meetings in a high-end design and vintage environment. We have 3 meeting rooms entirely equipped, able to welcome up to 16 people. FREDDY, MERCURY and PITCH, you choose.

Each room is provided with Wi-Fi, Barco Click-share system, 85 inches screen, digital flipchart, coffee and water.

YUST ENJOY – Event rooms

Besides having meeting rooms, YUST also has a mix of event rooms. Organize your own or attend one of ours.

The biggest room, “EVENT HALL”, welcomes up to 250 people for a walking diner or business event.

Added to it, YUST disposes of a 50m2 polyvalent room, fully equipped and flexible to your needs in order to organize meetings or talks for 60 people.

For more coziness, we have a fire-pit. This covered, outward facing space is accessible for 30 people sitting around and open fire.

The sun is up? Let’s organize something in our patio facing the 250sqm vertical garden, or on the 150sqm flowery rooftop surrounding the beautiful city of Antwerp.

Architectural and urbanistic added value

YUST is situated in a former industrial building that was built by the Antwerp Telephone and Electrical Works (ETEA) in 1892 with architect François Durlet.

POLO architects chose to keep this existing building and build 4 new levels on top.

This combination of the old bricks and the new upper part led to a recognizable building, iconic for the neighborhood. 

The ground floor is kept open, only 2 staircases pierce through the space. This way the space keeps its original atmosphere. Nowadays this is where the restaurant, lobby, meeting rooms and common spaces are situated.

POLO architects chose not to build the new levels against the surrounding buildings to keep a maximum of visual autonomy of the former building and to feel that the new part is subordinate to the existing part.

Also, the difference in materials and colors makes an important difference in existent and new and old and new.

The superstructure clearly distinguishes itself from the existing building which appears to function as a pedestal. Just like with the existing building, the new superstructure is an honest visual translation of the program.

Despite the visual difference the substructure reuses themes from the existing underpart; there is a clear vertical subdivision in bays, the same windows were used, rational structure, …

Sustainable elements of the project:

With YUST we chose for a sustainable and innovating building concept.

We kept the former brick building as a base and built a new superstructure on top.

After a period of study, we decided to use a dry building system that is maximal prefabricated in the factories to keep the building period and the nuisance for the neighbors as small as possible.

This dry building concept also let to keep up with the new K-level and E-norms.

The standardization let to guarding the construction cost, but most of all to building energy neutral. Little or almost no energy consumption was our objective!

The building and the new technics are aligned with this goal. In the whole building is Led-lighting, solar panels on the roof, Tesla Power wall, charging points for electric cars, …

This contemporary addition to the former brick building should lead to a recognizable building, iconic for the neighborhood and for YUST, a measure for YUST concepts in other cities.


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