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Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Tuesday 30 November 2021 à 18:00

Candidat - Best Initiative in Sustainable Development

Treetops Executive Residences

Campaign - Treetops Discover Green

Discover Green - A Sustainable Green Commitment by Treetops Executive Residences

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Since 2007, Treetops Executives Residences, a fully operational serviced apartment with high occupancy within its 220 apartments, initiated the “Discover Green” project which sets a clear direction of green sustainability efforts with guests, staff and the local community to reduce our environmental footprint. It comprises of the Green Retrofits at Treetops, Green Policies for Sustainability as well as Green Initiatives for our guests and staff.

Treetops is the first serviced residences in Singapore to install a Tri-Gen System to generate our own electricity onsite and attained the BCA Green mark Platinum status 2012 & 2016 for existing buildings (One of the highest level of green building accreditation by the local authorities.) after reducing the estate's electricity consumption by 50% as compared to the base year in 2007. 1543 tonnes annual CO2 reduction and 965,000 litres of water saved a year. As a partially government funded project, the results are tracked in detail and validated, ensuring that the project is sustainable in the long term.

Why “Discover Green” at Treetops?

-The management recognizes opportunities to minimize wastage, and improve awareness for green initiatives in hospitality due to its 24/7 operations. We can also act as the catalyst to advocate a culture of sustainability within the community.

-Apart from the extensive green retrofitting costs, coordination and engineering works, all staff also dealt with constraints of operations while minimizing disruptions to in-house guests, of which everyone plays an important role.

The Key Objectives:

  • To be a socially responsible corporation- Save Resources & Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Enhance stay environment of Guests for a holistic eco-living experience that caters to their
  • body, mind and soul.
  • Educate & promote “Green habits” for environmental excellence, encourage healthier life-style, and community outreach to promote sustainability.

Key Highlights includes:

a) Tri-Generation System- A First in Singapore. Treetops generate our estate’s own electricity and save up to 50% of energy. Waste heat generated is recovered to produce chilled water for the estate air-conditioning and produce domestic hot water.

b) Vertical Axis Wind turbine is installed for sustainable energy, a First in Singapore, to harvest the waste energy from the exhaust air flow to generate electricity.

c) ‘Zero energy consumption’ Hot Water System via the Tri-Gen, where waste heat is recovered to power a centralized hot water system, replacing 440 old individual electrical heaters.
d) Building Automation System (BAS) monitors, controls and automate the estate’s major systems E.g. Auto shut off lighting & Air-Conditioning when not required, minimizing energy wastage.

e) Extensive Green policies for waste, energy, water and procurement management are in place.

f) Certified water efficient building by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB). Water meters installed at major water consumption areas such as swimming pool and cooling towers to monitor the water usage. Water saving fittings are used extensively.

g) 99% Guest participated in Green linen programme where bed linens are changed twice a week instead of more frequently to reduce water and energy consumption. Guests are also encouraged to reuse towels instead of changing daily.

h) 100% Recycling Separation All waste at Treetops’ are sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables prior to final disposal. Substantial and growing amount of Recycled materials collected.

i) Reduce carbon footprint - Promote public transportation through provision of a free daily shuttle bus to town. More than 1,200 light bulbs replaced, saving energy in excess of 170,000kWh/year.

j) Extensive Green communications & outreach programme to promote on the benefits of greener lifestyles.

Green Initiatives for Guests & Spreading the Green Movement beyond Treetops

- Green Communication materials are available online, on social media and are given to check in guests to raise awareness. Digital versions of collaterals are encouraged vs paper copies. E-Mailers are sent to guests, which includes healthy living or green tips.

- Every alternate Friday of the month is Go Green Day at Treetops. All staff will wear the Treetops Go Green T-shirt to create awareness. Fresh fruits are freely available to encourage healthy eating. Activities such as Taichi, Yoga and meditation session are organized periodically.

- Use of only organic bathroom amenities, non-toxic cleaning products inside apartments.

- Inclusion of healthier food offering at the in-house Café. Distribution of reusable shopping bags to guests to raise awareness etc.

Green Partnership for a larger green community.

- Partnered with environmentally conscious company for Organic bathroom amenities with recyclable packaging.

- Produce organic fertilizers using the Horticultural waste from estate gardens with Landscaping Supplier. 2 tons of horticultural waste/mth can produce 4 tons of organic fertilizer every 6 months, and used back in Treetop’s 5 ha.gardens.

- Promote local green company & products. Special privileges are extended to guests E.g. Collaborated with local company that up-cycles pre-loved handbags into new eco-friendly items, and online store selling environmentally-conscious products

Corporate Social Responsibility: Treetops Love, Clean and Care Programme ( TLCC)

- Raise funds, sponsor and care for less fortunate elderly since 2012. Treetops Staff make monthly trips to elderly’s homes to provide supportive care, financial aid and engagement. For a green touch, their home lighting are changed to energy saving ones and water saving fixtures are installed. Treetops also help repair home appliances instead of purchasing new ones.

- During renovation, Treetops donates house-hold items such as furniture, washing machines, telephones to the charity and needy. We also donated bed linen to help with crisis such as typhoons at the disaster site.

Showcasing Treetops as a Successful Case Study via “ Green Tours”

With the Treetops establishment showcased as a successful example, the management has been actively involved with local authorities (BCA) to conduct “Green Tours” for interested industry players, overseas study groups and tertiary educational partners (universities) and the media. We share real life experiences in initiating and dealing with the green technologies in hospitality, and to address the concerns for undertaking such projects to urge more companies to join the green movement.

We invite you to Discover Green at Treetops- A Truly Green Serviced Apartment
Eco-Luxury Living For the Body, Mind & Soul


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