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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Best Innovation in an Educational Programme

SHG International Hospitality & Business schools

Campaign - SHG Travelling Option Program: “One term, One country”

By allowing students to study in six different countries during their Bachelor, SHG Schools propose a radically new educational model in the hospitality education.


International tourism is playing an increasing important role in the global economy, with one tenth of the global GDP, one tenth of all jobs globally and an exponential growth since the mid-twentieth century.

For hospitality schools, this evolution represents a challenge and a responsibility to fuel the industry with talents in sufficient numbers and quality. To fulfill this mission, educational institutions need to develop fitting facilities and new pedagogies that suits the new economic landscape. At a global scale, hospitality and leisure businesses are facing hardships with a tight job market, skill shortage and personnel turn-over. They are under pressure to hire immediately operational professionals that can demonstrate mobility and adaptability to multiple contexts and cultures and show engagement and passion in their task.

These radical shifts in industry calls for radical shifts in education and pedagogy. SHG International Hospitality & Business Schools originated with the mission to propose a disruptive model in education, adapted to the new the business realities and requirements.

The “SHG Travelling Option” is a pivotal feature of SHG pedagogy. Thanks to the SHG schools around the world, SHG students can choose to have multiple countries experiences all along their Bachelor or MBA course of study. Students have a unique possibility, during each year of their program, to do an internship or
an academic term in the country of their choice. As each academic year at SHG is divided into a 6-month term for academic courses and a 6-month term for internship, students have the possibility to experience up to 6 countries during their Bachelor, or 4 countries during their MBA. It is unique.

For instance, a student starting an International Hospitality Management Bachelor at SHG Paris, France, may wish to do his/her internship in the USA to learn the American management. Then, for the 2nd year, the student can study for the next 6 months at SHG Milano campus for the academic term and improve his/her
command of Italian language. The student may wish to move to Greece for the second year’s internship to & Business Schools SWISS EDUCATION - SWISS HOSPITALITY - SWISS QUALITY SHG International Hospitality develop further Mediterranean cuisine knowledge. Finally, he or she may wish for the third year to live a
radically new experience in Cancun, Mexico to complete the Bachelor and spend a full academic semester in Mexico and then to do his/her last internship in Brazil for instance. Therefore, studying & working in 6 countries in 3 years is possible thanks to SHG schools.

Students can choose a different SHG school each year according their wishes. SHG will issue an internal “passport” stamped with the future destination and the learning objectives.

International mobility all along the studies is part of SHG education model from the get-go, it is built in the original organization and business model. The study programs are taught in English and are the same in each school, since they are all centralized and elaborated at SHG headquarters in Geneva. In addition, each SHG
school is fully owned and 100 % managed by SHG, so that every SHG school offers the very same program with the same quality. Each academic year at SHG is divided into two 6-month terms, alternating courses and internship. Such planning allows flexibility for students willing to travel and study in multiple countries and ensure long enough time period to live significant immersive experiences. Finally, and in order to deliver the
same programs and ensure academic consistency across the campuses, SHG makes a heavy use of information technology and foster a pool of itinerant lectures that disseminate the same knowledge to students wherever they study.

SHG converts students into immediately operational talents thanks to a practical pedagogy and a mandatory 6 months internship every year of study. With the 3 X 6 months hands-on accumulated experience in luxury establishments at the end of their Bachelor, the students enter their working life with strong professional competences and business networks.

At SHG we believe that nurturing motivated and passionate talents happens by design. For that purpose, the SHG pedagogy is founded on structuring principles such as: (a) students having voice on their program by choosing the best place of study to develop their professional expertise (b) small classes (maximum of 15 students per class) to enable personalized learning and student achievement, and (c) human-size campuses nested in high-streets and historic urban cores to favor closeness within the learning community and help students to live local immersions that resonate with the country culture.

SHG Travelling Option offer students a radically new way to develop their international exposure and develop global mindsets through significant real-life cultural immersions. With such option, SHG is the first pioneer school that steps in the new tourism realities by offering truly global education opportunities.


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