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Candidat - Best Marketing Operation

Scandic Hotels

Campaign - Built for sports / The Epic Volley

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Scandic Hotels promoted their focus on sports to an audience of 272,4 million people worldwide in a spectacular way no one had ever seen before! Les Hotels Scandic favorisent leur attention sur le sport à un public de 272,4 million de personnes à travers le monde d’une manière spectaculaire, encore jamais vue auparavant!

Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley
Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley
Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley
Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley
Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley
Scandic Hotels - Built for sports / The Epic Volley

In the winter of 2016, Scandic Hotels in Norway launched a campaign to promote offerings to sports groups. At the center of the campaign was Scandic’s cooperation with Rosenborg Ballklub, Norway’s most famous football club. We had access to the team’s players and used this to the fullest extent, shooting both pictures for traditional advertising material, and a very untraditional film.

We named the film; The Epic Volley, a football stunt designed to create viral attention in Norway. And it ended up setting the internet on fire. Within 24 hours, media from Norway to Nigeria covered it – TV2, Der Bild, NBC, Fox Sports, The Sun, and many many more.

Outside Norway, France was the country with the most media attention. A total audience of 272,4 million people was exposed to the stunt.

That’s what happens when footballers perform a never-done-before stunt: the world’s highest volley from the roof of one of Norway’s tallest buildings – on a windy winters day!


Scandic is the leading hotel chain in the Nordics and has 83 hotels in Norway. A key target group for Scandic is sports groups and organisations. Therefore, Scandic has developed a unique offering to bookings from this client segment. Apart from equipping every hotel with its own gym, a unique lunch & dinner concept is offered to groups travelling for sports purposes. This menu has been tailor made in cooperation with The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. In addition, Scandic offers hotel rooms especially designed for sports teams. Scandic is in other words built for sports. However, in a tough and competitive environment, market shares are always under siege. Thus, Scandic needs to continuously prove their commitment to this key target group.


  • Underpin Scandic’s position as a hotel chain built for sports.
  • Utilize the partnership with Rosenborg (Norway’s most successful football team)
  • Build strong local and national attention
  • Keep the concept in line with Scandic’s more playful tone of voice


We wanted to focus on the camaraderie within Rosenborg and let the team and players’ personality come through in a more down-to-earth way. At the same time we wanted to put their nationwide celebrity factor to good use, and create a spectacular world record attempt. 

We set up the ultimate training session - The Epic Volley.

We took advantage of the fact that Scandic has built a hotel, Norway’s third tallest building, next to Rosenborg’s stadium.
The players nervously entered the roof of the hotel and from there they could peek over the ledge of the no-fenced area, 74 metres down to their home pitch of Lerkendal. Their teammates were eagerly awaiting for them to pass the ball from the roof and fight to score on volley. The conditions were rough and did not not help out as this was during wintertime in Norway. After six players had done 44 attempts in strong winds and freezing conditions, Pål Andre Helland passed a perfect ball to Mike Jensen who managed a truly epic volley! He was awarded with praise from his teammates and global internet fame.


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