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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Best Marketing Operation

The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts

Campaign - Tale of a successful global marketing transformation

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A global transformation of a multi-brand 50 years-old hotel group, to better address and anticipate today’s digital challenges.

S.E.H. United Hoteliers is a cooperative hotel group.

Born in 1967 from the pioneering intuition that strength lies in unity, and that independent and local hotels would one day be worth more that standardized hotels, it only took the group 50 years to move up to fourth place among hotel groups and first place among European cooperative hotel groups.  50 years, during which the group rallied more than 600 luxury to economic independent hotel to its cause: to promote an independent hospitality.

In 2017, though, the group hit a glass ceiling that only a major shift could address: with digital drastically changing the relationships between people and travels, keeping 9 brands with low awareness and blurred positioning alive was no longer a viable option for the group to keep growing.

Our only option was to create a brand so powerful it would gather community of fans that share the same values we do, and encourage them to book directly with us to reduce our dependence on OTAs, which increasing commissions were too harsh for independent hoteliers. Our name, structure, storytelling, branding, communication and websites: everything had to be redesigned.

1 year, 3 500 consumer interviews conducted in house and with our customers, 50 in house workshops alongside our pool of volunteer hoteliers, suppliers and partners, a team of 25 digital and brand marketers alongside with an advertising agency and a technical partner, our new brand was born. A brand that would epitomize our original values, while being more seducing and practical for end customers.

We are The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts

We are firmly convinced that the future will be local. The more global and standardised our world becomes, the greater the desire to enjoy more authentic, more human experiences.

This firmly held conviction drove us to create The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts.

We are a movement of six hundred independent hoteliers who have turned their singularity into a collective strength under a new hotel brand. All of us share the same vision: a vision of more authentic, human and local hotels. A vision we share with our community of customers.

Whether they are travelling for business or pleasure, our target audience is everyone for whom people, experience and emotions are what their journey and hotel stay are all about. For these people, each trip and each journey is another opportunity to grow as a person and as a human being.

Travelling is not just about reaching your destination. A destination is not just a flag on a map. A hotel is not simply a brand or a star rating. The quality of a stay is not determined simply by the design of a room or the amenities it offers. Even if they are reassured by standards and brands, mindful travellers are tired of the same hotel experience everywhere they go, and of sleeping in the same room regardless of whether they are in Paris, Mont-de-Marsan or Berlin. They believe that emotional criteria are the ones that really matter when choosing a hotelier brand. They are longing for a more local, more personal and more authentic journey.

The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts are a new way of making the most of local life. A new way of experiencing a hotel with a more personal, authentic and human touch.

The strength of our brand lies in its simplicity:

6 commercial categories to better respond to the varying needs of our guests:  

  • The Originals Collection - A selection of premium hotels
  • The Originals Relais – Countryside, seaside and mountain leisure hotels
  • The Originals Boutique - Urban hotels with personality
  • The Originals City – convenient city hotels perfect for family or business stopovers
  • The Originals Residence – Equipped apartments with hotel services
  • The Originals Access – Economic hotels with a soul
  • 1 loyalty program : The Originals Club
  • 1 purchasing form : The Originals Shop
  • 1 hospitality school : The Originals Academy

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