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Hospitality ON Event - Awards

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Thursday 21 November 2019 à 18:00

In progress - Grand Prix Worldwide Hospitality Awards



More than 50 years ago, two hotel chains composed of independent hoteliers were created. The first is Inter-Hotel, a cooperative founded in 1967 in Toulouse from the meeting of six hoteliers wishing to pool their purchases.

In the Rhône-Alpes region, a year later, the same initiative gave birth to the Relais du Silence cooperative in 1968.

In 2009, the Inter-Hotel cooperative created two new brands in order to diversify and better meet market expectations. This is the birth of the brands:

- P'tit Dej-Hotel, which includes budget hotels,
- and Qualys-Hotel, which embodies more upscale hotels with a strong personality.

In 2010, the Inter-Hotel cooperative (now also including the P'tit Dej-Hotel and Qualys-Hotel brands) merged with the Relais du Silence brand to form the first multi-brand cooperative group of independent hoteliers.
A year later, the group renamed itself SEH United Hoteliers. The network is owned by its members, all of whom are independent entrepreneurs. They grow together, in a process of pooling the resources 100% allocated to the services of hoteliers, with a specific legal status based on the principle of 1 hotel = 1 vote. Governance is democratic and participatory and is composed of elected hoteliers.

In 2017, the SEH United Hoteliers group welcomed a fifth brand with the integration of 14 Hôtels-Chalets de Tradition establishments located in the heart of the Alps.

Since then, the 5 brands P'tit Dej-Hotel, Inter-Hotel, Qualys-Hotel, Relais du Silence and Hôtels-Chalets de Tradition have formed the SEH United Hoteliers group. 


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