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Thursday 21 November 2019 à 18:00

En cours - Best Digital Transformation

NH Hotels

Campaign - FASTPASS by NH Hotels

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FASTPASS is a combination of three innovative services (Online check-in, Choose Your Room and Online Check-out) that offers guests an easier, more agile and personalized traveler experience.



FASTPASS by NH Hotels is the combination of three innovative functionalities which give our customers complete control over their stay.

The exact services included are:

  1. Online Check-in: 48 hours before arriving at the hotel, the guest receives an e-mail to access the Online Check-in, so that upon arrival, all he or she has to do is pick up the room key. In some of our hotels, the guest will find a Priority Desk that is specifically available for guests who have chosen to check-in online. The arrival process is now faster, easier, and more efficient… With no more lengthy check-in, our team can focus on welcoming them to their hotel and destination.
  2. Choose your room: During the Online Check-in process, guests can consult all the available rooms and choose the one best suited to their tastes and needs.
  3. Online Check-out: On the evening of their arrival, guests staying in one of our hotels located in Belgium, Holland, Germany or Spain, receive an email inviting them to do their check-out online and pay for any expense incurred in without having to go through the front desk.

The reasons behind FASTPASS

First of all, because NH had identified a shift in consumer expectations that they needed to be able to respond to it if they wanted to remain at the top of the game.

Second, because this project was perfectly in line with the Group’s business sense. If developed correctly, FASTPASS would imply an important reduction of back & front office workload for hotel staff, which would translate in more quality time for them to dedicate to attending clients and offering them a truly differential service beyond their expectations.

And last but not least, because innovation is, and always will be, part of NH Hotel Group’s DNA, a differential attribute of its brands and operational promise.

Strategic Decisions and Differentiating factors

So, once it was decided that developing its FASTPASS project was a key priority for the Group, NH was faced with the following challenge… Taking into account that other competitors were already working on this too, what could NH do to go above and beyond the others?

In this moment, NH’s 2015 – 2016 Transformation Plan comes back into the game to offer the Group its first clear advantage over its European competitors. Thanks to its success, the IT systems of all of the Group’s hotels were already connected, meaning that whatever technological development deployed could be installed in a short period across NH’s over 300 properties.

With the first differentiating factor already covered, another strategic decision made during the plan definition phase was whom would be able to use these services. Here, NH decided to differ from its direct competitors once again by ensuring that FASTPASS was free and accessible to all clients booking via NH Hotel Group’s direct channels, regardless of whether they belonged to the Company’s loyalty program, had our app or never used our hotels. This decision in itself proved to be a technological challenge but not only was it finally achieved but we are currently working on opening it to clients who also book through indirect channels such as OTAs.

Last but not least, NH’s third strategic decision was to include the Choose Your Room option within FASTPASS. Developing the online check-in and check-out was “relatively “ easy but including the option of choosing your room in every reservation required the digitalization of more than 42.000 room floor plans… Nonetheless, NH decided that it was worth the effort so that guests would have the option of deciding what room they preferred.

First Results

Although FASTPASS is a relatively new initiative, through it NH Hotel Group has been able to improve not only its offering and its guest experience but also deliver other results of interest:

  • In terms of use and in less than one year, 29.800 clients have used the Online Check-Out service and over 19.000 the Online check-in and Choose your Room features
  • In terms of sustainability, the digitalization of the check-in and check-out represents a commendable reduction of paper. NH has estimated that an equivalent of 460Kg of CO2 emissions will be saved.
  • In terms of client satisfaction and based on 94.300 surveys, NH has increased its score in the efficiency of its Check-in / Check-out process from 8,8 to 8,9 (2018 vs 2019 YTD)

The Future of FASTPASS

One of the most exciting qualities of FASTPASS is that it is a live project. For NH, FASTPASS in an ongoing project; one which now offers 3 wonderful services that will continue to evolve in the upcoming future.

And last but not least, FASTPASS is a concept in which any new technological innovation meant to speed up administrative processes for the guests can fit. Innovation moves forward at a steady pace and NH keeps its eyes and mind open to continue spearheading this game in which achieving the perfect balance between technology, comfort, speed and, above all, an exquisite human attention, is the key.




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