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Tuesday 30 November 2021 à 18:00

Candidat - Best Initiative in Talent Management


Campaign - Lunch & Learn- Free to Grow Learning Event

Cette candidature n'est disponible qu'en anglais / This application is only available in English.

Lunch and Learn is an informal learning event which goes beyond classical learning and training. It is a monthly sessions around collaboration and new insights. 


What is the initiate about?

Lunch & Learn is an informal learning format, which goes beyond classical learning and training in the service office of AccorHotels Central Europe introduced in 2016. Monthly learning sessions around new ways of working and collaboration empower the employee to explore new insights from internal and external experts. It is completely voluntary and a spontaneous gathering not a well-planned and clearly structured training initiative. It lives from spontaneity, diversity and build up of a culture of innovation and spirit of conquest.

Format in Detail: 60 min talks & discussions with internal & external experts during lunch break approximately 40 min input followed up by discussions & opinion sharing, cross-functional with cross functional topics, face to face sessions combined with Webex broadcasting to remote offices in locations outside the head office. Everyone in the organization can register him/herself if interested. The learning event always takes place during working hours, always around lunchtime. The format is not a „single shot”, as it started 2016 and since then became part of the learning culture and makes a strong impact on our organization

What are the main innovative aspects and the main advantages? Lunch and Learn is an initiative focusing on informal, collaborative and selfresponsible learning. The employee takes his/her own learning experience in own hands, not imposed by anyone. Lunch & Learn as a Talent & Culture initiative strongly supports the cultural and business transformation of AccorHotels and permanently encourages the employees to take their own Initiative in learning, growing, and think entrepreneurial and take manageable risks.

How was the communication done and how was it implemented? The employees are informed through the company´s social media enterprise network with a simple doodle link to register in case of interest three-four weeks in advance. In addition, an invitation goes out per email to all employees. We also design our own posters and distribute them in the offices all over the place. The learning event always takes place in the employee cafeteria with an open space concept where the rooms are adaptable and easy to arrange. Bring your own lunch is common, sometimes we offer topicrelated culinary surprises.


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