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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Best Initiative in Sustainable Development

The Lux Collective

Campaign - With SALT of Palmar, Mauritius, we believe in meaningful travel

SALT offers to cultural purist travellers the opportunity to connect to a country, to locals and to share the values of eco-responsible and sustainable tourism


The recently launched SALT hotel brand opened its first hotel, Salt of Palmar, on the east coast of Mauritius. In a relaxing setting designed around supporting sustainable development and building connections with the local community, modern travellers with a thirst for local culture will be able to discover the truly idyllic island of Mauritius.

The hotel’s distinctive architecture is the fruit of collaboration between local Mauritian architect Jean-François Adam of IFA Architects – an award-winning visionary renowned for his incredible contemporary spaces in Mauritius and abroad; and French artist Camille Walala, whose bright colours adorn buildings throughout the world. Camille’s first incursion in the world of hotels brings an original and stunning new aspect to the Mauritian landscape that is designed to reflect SALT’s progressive values.

To stoke her inspiration, Camille travelled throughout Mauritius, meeting with local craftsmen and absorbing the island’s radiant palette of colours; from luscious countryside, houses painted in warm, bright colours, marine landscapes and breath-taking sunsets, to the spirit of its community and the colourful cultural mosaic that makes Mauritius so special.

Dedicated to all things local and sustainable, this new and original hotel brand is committed to connecting its guests with the local population – not just the setting – and to ensuring they discover the very heart of the island.

SALT is designed to bring people together. From the communal tables in the bakery, restaurant and beach bar, to the rooftop and communal areas in the SALT spa – it is about getting together, sharing travel stories and making the most of this incredible location.

Because SALT is, above all, an ethic, a state of mind – a way of living, working and respecting the environment. The team spent a long time thinking about what really matters to them and has made every effort to re-write the rules. In SALT hotels, everything required for the daily running of the hotel is provided by local resources, from the music to the food, furniture, textiles and even toiletries. At every stage, non-toxic, organic fair trade products are favoured in order to limit as far as possible energy consumption, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions. The compost, animal feed and recycling centres are prime examples of this, alongside the commitment to ban buffets and single-use plastics.

SALT of Palmar connects modern explorers with their communities and lifestyles, offering truly enriching experiences. SALT guests are able to build relationships with the local population through a skills-sharing programme, where they can share their time and skills with local producers, designers and craftsmen such as fishers, potters and basket makers. At the restaurant, the philosophy is built around fresh, local, homemade, seasonal cuisine and a policy of zero waste.

Guests can also rest assured that sustainable development and environmental awareness are key concerns for the hotel. Simply by staying at SALT, they are contributing to the autonomy of local communities as the hotel helps create employment and preserve the environment by adopting a way of life free of single-use plastic; supporting organic agriculture and staying committed to its zero-waste policy. All of this makes SALT of Palmar a true champion of sustainable development.


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