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Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Thursday 21 November 2019 à 18:00

En cours - Employee / Team of the Year

Le Negresco

Campaign - Adrien MAJERANOWSKI - Le Negresco


Adrien Majeranoswki, multilingual Executive Assistant

Adrien Majeranowski has bathed in the hotel world since he was a young child. He arrived at the Negresco in November 2008 as a receptionist. A discrete and considerate multilingual young man, he naturally evolved to become an executive assistant. Thanks to his commitment to quality customer relations and his attention to the smallest ordinary details in the team’s life he has become a key figure in the hotel.

Adrien Majeranowski grew up in Tunisia and Italy where one of his parents managed a two-star hotel with 26 rooms in Varazze, Italy. He did his graduate degree in France. He has worked in different starred hotels in Nice and England ever since he graduated from a business and marketing school. In November 2008 he joined the Negresco as a receptionist, and felt immediately at home in our ‘little Versailles on the French Riviera’. In 2013 he was promoted to Executive Assistant. At the same time he was awarded ‘Outstanding Employee’ by ‘Leading Quality Assurance’ with the top score of 100%.

Negresco Passion

A genuine living encyclopaedia on the Negresco, Adrien Majeranowski has vast knowledge of the house including its history, what each work of art represents and the identity of our 125 rooms and suites, all with unique furniture and decoration.

This passionate employee works around three daily focal points: he assists Pierre Bord, the Director, in his administrative tasks, guarantees the quality of service for the hotel’s guests and supervises the night, Sunday and bank holiday operations teams. Thus in April 2016, he replaced the general manager for a tourism event in Moscow organized by the Conde Nast Traveller. Likewise, he also took over the director duties in March 2019 with the in-house event “CoteInvent” of the luxurious “Côte magazine”.  On this occasion he gave a speech in front of 200 attendees and handed trophies to the winners.

Furthermore, he takes care of the personalised welcome letters prior to our guests’ arrival and ensures contact with them after their departure answering their opinions and testimonials on the Internet. For him customer relations at the Negresco are closely linked to loyalty. “We prepare our customers’ arrival by communicating any specific requests to all of our team members including precious information such as the names and ages of their children, any marriage proposals during their stay, any diet restrictions, or their style preference for the room they book. Whether they are VIP guests, members of our loyalty club or customers enjoying one of our special offers, we take care of each one of them with the same attention and dedication. Our priority is to show interest in our customers’ lives while remaining discrete.” In March 2019, Adrien was in charge with the room’s division manager and the Chinese Consulate to create a personalized suite for the president of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jin Ping. Since this presidential visit Adrien is intensively learning Mandarin in order to host the growing number of Chinese guests.

“Over time I sometimes forge emotional bonds with some customers who share very intense family moments during their stay at our hotel. Some guests who spend several months of the year at the Negresco end up feeling at home! When they return to their home, I keep in touch personally with our loyal customers and thank those who have just discovered our hotel for the very first time through my answers on customer content websites. This feedback is necessary to form a source of precious information (compliments/grievances) which I judge essential to share with the different departments.”

A Five Star Ambassador

Another side to his job is to take on the role of ambassador of the Negresco’s image with commercial partners. He also plays a mediator’s role between the employees, managers, and executive management/management committee. This role means he interacts daily with all our employees. This way “during my shifts, I support the operation teams and I am attentive to any unforeseen events which can take place. In the summer of 2015 we had an externally induced power cut which cut off our air-conditioning system. It was 30 degrees inside the hotel and we were in total darkness for 13 hours in a row. We had to find solutions fast: give torches to our customers, dismantle the locks of some doors so that the guests could access their rooms, offer drinks at the bar as we waited for the situation to return to normal. As the lifts were out of order, we had to help the porters to bring dozens of bags up the five stories of the hotel by the stairs.”

Adrien was also a key asset in handling the situation with guests following the tragic events of July 14th 2016 that occurred in front of the hotel.

His dedication is equal to his devotion to the hotel, every day he shares values and good practice both with new arrivals in the departments and international customers. He has been doing this both brilliantly and discretely for ten years now continuously improving our customer services.


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