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Tuesday 30 November 2021 à 18:00

Candidat - Best Initiative in Sustainable Development

Intercontinental Madrid

Campaign - Intercontinental Madrid and the Sustainability Engagement

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InterContinental Madrid is comitted to have a positive impact on the lives of all people who interact with our hotel, generating social and environmental sustainability.

Intercontinental madrid
Intercontinental madrid
Intercontinental madrid
Intercontinental madrid
Intercontinental madrid

InterContinental Madrid, is located in the financial centre of the Spanish capital city and is committed to implement the necessary sustainable actions, being aware of the resources used.

The goal is to achieve a perfect balance by the historic legacy of the hotel, the artistic and architectural elements of the 50’s that are our hallmarks, together with the sustainability and the innovation. Sustainability Engagement is to have a positive impact on the lives of all the people who interact with our hotel, generating social and environmental sustainability.

The actions are focused on two areas, the social and the environmental fields.


This is an innovative on‐line sustainability system, promoted by IHG, which offers tools to measure and manage the environmental impact of the hotel operation controlling all resources: water, electricity, waste generation and CO2 emissions. This program establishes more than 200 actions designed not only to make optimal use of resources and reduce the impact on the environment but also to rise of the social and environmental responsibility awareness among the staff and costumers.


Green Globe is an internationally recognized company of the hotel sector sustainability certification. It covers sustainable management, social and economic sustainability and cultural heritage, as well as the environmental impact. First year compliance result was 90%. Successive certificates in 2016, 2017 and 2018 have been obtained.


The Corporate Social Responsibility actions have been dedicated to help local charity organizations.

These actions have been:

  • Doorman and concierges uniforms were donated to a City Council Music Band.
  • Reception uniforms were donated to the Association APRAM, Association for the reinsertion and care of prostituted women.
  • 80 mattresses and box springs were donated to the Africa Actúa Association and sent to Senegal.
  • Cutlery and crockery for the Association of Messengers of Peace Organization , founded by Father Ángel, Prince of Asturias Award for his humanitarian work.
  • 50 weekly menus of Cocido Madrileño (typical Madrid dish), which are sent to a center for people without resources.

The hotel main action has been the cooperation with Prodis ( National Association for people with intellectual disabilities (Down syndrome).

To contribute in the labor insertion of these people, an analysis of different jobs of the hotel was carried out. A new work position with a mix of tasks adapted to people of these capacities was created. A great number of hotel employees was involved. Several visits to the Prodis Center were organized to directly understand how much this wonderful people can offer and give another vision to life. It was a great gift to have Javier working at the restaurant and stewardship, and it is planned to incorporate another partner soon.


The hotel is committed to reach the Type A energy certificate. The actions to get this achievement have been concentrated in the improvement of the existing energy consuming equipment.

These are:

  •  Biomass boiler
  •  New screw type chillers with environmentally friendly refrigerant gas.
  •  New pumps, high efficiency electric drives and variable speed drives
  •  Dynamic flow limiting valves.
  •  Electrical power saver.
  •  Two electric car charging stations.

The electricity supply comes from renewable energy plants. This way our suppliers are involved in our environmental policy.

The Biomass Boiler

InterContinental Madrid is the first five star hotels with a biomass boiler in Madrid, a pioneering contribution to the sustainability.

The biomass supply is formed by “Pellets”. This is a product generated with remnants of pruning, felling and remnants of sawmills, thus favouring the cleaning of forests and thus reducing the probability of fires between 50% and 70%.

The combustion of biomass emissions are considered to have a neutral balance of CO2, which does not contribute to the increase of the greenhouse effect. In addition, the burning of biomass does not produce sulphides (cause of the acid rain).

In order to install the biomass boiler the hotel had to convert an area of the basement in a new boiler room plus the construction of 15m3 pellets silo, with a direct entrance from the street, to fill and store the biomass.

With the commitment of sustainability acquired and an analysis of the facilities, 13 high‐end frequency converters and 24 high‐performance IE3 motors were installed, also complying with NEMA (standard committed to high levels of quality, efficiency and safety according to the new requirements of the European Union MEPS, which is part of the EU's eco‐design project, and a step forward in the harmonization of global performance guidelines), thus anticipating future requirements in sustainability and setting an example in the importance of its implementation.


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