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Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Thursday 21 November 2019 à 18:00

Candidat - Best Marketing Operation


Campaign - French Trip by hotelF1 - symbol of the brand reborn

Showing the huge transformation of hotelF1, French Trip entrenches the « #OnTheRoad » hotelF1 positioning and proposes to create and personalize an inspirational road trip

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hotelF1 belongs to the unloved brand category, it suffers from a bad image : cheap and old hotels. In the past decade, the brand lost the leisure segment and hotelF1 historical clients got older.

How could we change this ? We have been building an aspirational brand content for the past two years and created the new tagline “on the road”. Indeed, we capitalized on hotelF1 main asset : locations close to main road, very easy to find. hotelF1 represents a simple but comfortable stop on the roads of business or leisure travelers. It’s “the hotel On The Road”, in another words it’s “the French Motel”.

Everybody is fond of road trips in foreign countries : the legendary Route 66, the Australian coast, Italian lakes, … but in France there are also breathtaking paths to follow. And in France, there often is an hotelF1 on your road.


French Trip was made to change hotelF1 image. It was aimed at creating the link between the aspirational positioning “on the road” that started two years ago and the new product that came out this year. It targeted 18-24 year-old explorers.

With French Trip, we had a dream : wanted to pass in 3 clicks from an aspirational universe to a real room booking, we wanted to propose low-cost but astonishing road trips, we wanted to show how hotelF1 has changed!


French Trip by hotelF1 is an inspiring tool on hotelF1 / AccorHotels website, to create a personalized and low-cost road trip throughout France.. The user experiences begins with a mosaic of amazing photos, each one showing an inspiring destination in France (which often looks like a famous place in the world). Then, user can choose to learn more about the destination or to add it directly in your road trip. The final screen shows a road trip map with the total distance and the total budget, including gasoline and hotel room nights. User can remove or add destinations to fit in his schedule and his budget. Hotels are linked to each destination and the user can book the night in one click.


French Trip is the EMBODIMENT of hotelF1 reborn, they were both built upon common values : low-cost, freedom, easy, convivial… with an aesthetic touch

2/3 of the year were dedicated to French Trip !!

- 4 months of great collaboration between our agency Infostrates and AccorHotels teams to create the website integrated in hotelF1 website and available on desktop, tablet and mobile (today, French Trip is 65% mobile use).

- 1 month to create the dedicated movie made by a young and talented film director

- 3 months of media plan : web campaigns, a game week with Cauet on Virgin Radio to win a road trip, partnership during summer holidays with RFE, Vinci Autoroute advertising department (spots on 107.7 Vinci Autoroute Radio, animation of a motorway rest area) = a smart match with “on the road” tagline, social media advertising

As a result, French Trip allowed us to gain new and young customers (80% new users, 37% by social media) on our website (e.g. during the campaign, 10% of hotelF1 website users arrived by the French Trip experience)… mission accomplished !


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