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Lauréat - Best Marketing Operation

Deutsche Hospitality

Campaign - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic

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The Opening Ceremony for our first Jaz in the City featured a musical spectacle staged on temporary scaffolding specially erected for the purpose. As you would expect from a hotel #builtbymusic, everything went off with a bang.

Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic
Deutsche Hospitality - Jaz in the City #builtbymusic

Viral campaign Jaz in the City #builtbymusic

The big moment finally arrived on 1 June, the day when the world of music gained a new home as the Grand Opening of Jaz in the City took place. This is a hotel designed by musical enthusiasts for musical visionaries in which the musical heart of Amsterdam pulsates to the beat of the city. With the help of the creative agency Jung von Matt/Neckar, the Jaz Amsterdam provided the perfect soundtrack for a new form of Dutch culture. This was a brilliant launch which also captured the mood of the stage and the audience to produce the first Jazz movie to go viral.

Whether by chance or design, the sell-out Adele concert held at the Ziggo Dome next door on the same day also gave our secret mission an extra boost. Imagine the scene. The instruments have been tuned, the sound check has taken place and the choreography has been fully rehearsed. The Jaz Team was represented by drummers, orchestrators, stage managers, choreographers and by Band Leader Joost himself.

Thousands of potential Jaz guests were patiently waiting in line to see Adele. Their aim was simply to hear the music they love. And one thing which we do know about our (future) guests is that they love music but they hate waiting for it. They also tend to take their smart phones with them everywhere they go. Keen to present what we love, we decided to use these waiting musical aficionados as the audience for a unique show. Our Jaz Amsterdam launched with a real bang in the form of a “spontaneous” and spectacular mix of show time elements, dance and music – all staged on temporary scaffolding specially erected for the purpose. What else would you expect from a hotel #builtbymusic?

On scaffolding covering the façade of the Jaz Amsterdam, building workers were going about their normal tasks. Hammering, drilling, banging and sawing sounds could be heard. Suddenly, the construction noise took on a rhythm and converged to form a unified sound. A tarpaulin fell from the middle of the scaffolding to reveal a female DJ at a mixing desk. The construction workers were joined by cheerleaders, who started a choreographed routine, and by a singer. Purple smoke was also released. Finally, a banner was unfurled stating the slogan: “Built by Music – Jaz in the City”. The crowds cheered enthusiastically.

The idea behind all this was to share the local character of our new brand (which is, by the way, a further USP alongside the music aspect) with the rest of the world. Fortunately, social media has made such an undertaking easier than ever.

A video was also made of this spectacular Opening Act to mark the launch of the viral campaign #builtbymusic. In no time at all, it had received more than 120,000 hits on YouTube. It also attracted 35,625 views, 923 likes, 58 comments and 273 shares on Facebook (as of 10/08/2016).

Fans, hash tags, followers, clicks, likes and views have transported Jaz to the furthest corners of the earth. Our campaign has achieved its goal in the briefest of time.

We are also definitely extremely proud to have shared a musical experience with the great Adele. We love the way in which our great moment has been captured on film, and the result is now out there for everyone to judge:

P.S. To be continued in Stuttgart. Stay. Tuned !

Please find our online presentation here:


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