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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Best Accommodation Concept


Campaign - The first ecological & mobile luxury hotel suite on the sea.

Anthénea is an observatory 100% autonomous. Its panoramic view on and below the water level is an unforgettable experience. Anthénea is light and easily moved to offer for every travel’s request.

Anthénea, the exclusive experience on the sea.

Anthénea is the first hotel suite mobile eco-luxe on the water, to offer a singular experience for every travelers. It breathes a breath of fresh air into eco travel. A multi-sensory experience aimed at owners and hoteliers for travelers looking to reconnect with nature and explore the seas in luxurious style.

Anthénea is the proof that today, we are able to combine luxury universe with the sustainable lifestyle. Mobile, fully autonomous energy, self-efficient, in operation Anthénea is easy to use is zero footprint. Silent electric motors can move Anthénea discreetly and comfortably. On board, you observe the natural environment while preserving it.

Offering a new form of tourist experience between underwater vision and land exploration,
Anthénea allows the traveler to discover unsuspected territories and live unexplored
experiences while unfolding the thread of the intimate: the link with nature and with oneself. No
building permits or time-consuming construction, and more environmentally friendly, it gives
hoteliers a eco-responsible approach to hospitality.

A precious ecological case on the water

100% self-sufficient energy, the sun is its source of energy. Anthénea is equipped with solar panels positioned on its dome. They produce energy for all equipment on board.
Its circular shape comes from 2 reasons:
- To maximize the sun exposure to sunlight throughout the day
- To optimize the amount of construction material.
Anthénea has natural air conditioning. In the tropics, its central well refreshes the indoor air. For agents 007, you have the possibility to get into the water by this passage for a dive to the abyssal lands.

A place of serenity and wellness far from the world,

The silence is absolute on board. Like a Robinson Crusoe, you will live the time of a stay away from the world. In its circular form, you are in a cozy and reassuring universe, disconnected from the present.
The 50m2 capsule includes three living spaces. The day space is equipped with a sofa, a mini
bar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete and a 3 m underwater window.
The night space is composed of a 2.20m circular bed and a sea or freshwater bathtub.
The relaxation area has a 360° solarium on its roof-top for 12 people.

A simplicity of management for the hotel industry,

Installation on the operating site
- After delivery on site, Anthénea is operational in less than 48 hours.
- Very simple installation, the same its like a boat (anchoring or mooring on ecological pine)
- No construction site on site: the hotel is not impacted by noise pollution, waste management during
- Zero impact: without underwater foundation (for a standard bungalow, 50m2 , it needs 8 underwater concrete pillars).
- A controlled industrial product: deadlines, costs, precision and quality
- Propose a global hotel concept or an extension of activities for hotels already in operation.

In operation,

- 0 waste: no tank to empty, everything is treated on board, only discharge of clear water.
- No connection with energy autonomy
- Any maintenance or maintenance intervention is performed from outside Anthénea to avoid disrupting
life on board.
- Mobility: Anthénea is lightweight and can be moved in tow or via the optional engine.
- The equipment management is done remotely.
- The equipment is connected to our remote maintenance platform (software).
- Anthénea is an opportunity for an add activity at sea in sites constrained by overdensity (either regulatory
framework or lack of space)

A image of brand,

Anthénea is a powerful and recognizable communication tool. It is also an identity card thanks to its remarkable design and without equivalent.
- Its design is patented.
Anthénea is a signal, an advertising tool for the hotel:
- On social networks because it is very photogenic
- At the dock or in the waters of the waters Anthénea is a showcase. it is visible from guests of the hotels but also from the public

Dreamed by his architect and come true,

Anthénea is a futuristic-looking watercraft designed and manufactured in France by veteran designers, engineers, and naval architects, whose vision was to create eco-responsible and nomadic vessel for eco tourists.
Produced in France, we deliver Anthénea turnkey internationally. It is transported by waterway on cargo boat. It is designed to facilitate handling as well as delivery logistics.

Anthénea is available to visit on request off the coast of pink granite of Brittany.
Price: contact us.



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