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Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Tuesday 30 November 2021 à 18:00

Candidat - Best Initiative in Talent Management


Campaign - AccorHotels Food & Beverage - Service Included

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F&B is about craftsmanship, experience, and a sense of purpose. It is a deeply human profession that AccorHotels celebrates in a special book entitled "Service Included".

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F&B is about experiences, sensations, craftsmanship and purpose. It is a deeply human profession. AccorHotels celebrates it with a special book of experiences, designed to reach out to all those for whom it is a vocation and a passion.

"Service Included" focuses on the men and women working in F&B, bringing to life their talent in all its diversity and generosity. It features all sorts of hotels (from the affordable to the most luxurious, from Ibis to Raffles), all sorts of dishes (from the simplest to the most elaborate). It highlights teams more than places because human capital is key in the world of F&B. Lastly, it celebrates the profession through its gestures, exalts the expertise and the senses — with a love of detail.
The book seeks to reveal the Group’s passion for food and beverage, to celebrate its teams, create a sense of pride in belonging based on a shared culture of excellence and boost its employer brand visibility to help recruitment.

Service Included’s creative approach and editorial choices reflect many of the values endorsed by the F&B teams:

  • Authenticity: nothing was staged, all the reports were carried out in the hotels, during service hours and in direct contact with the regular teams.
  • Simplicity: the texts have been meticulously crafted to ensure that they focus on the essential, go straight to the point using exactly the right words, keep the script to a minimum and provide a range of editorial formats.
  • Excellence: whether it is the tireless quest for the “perfect gesture”, the quality of the book’s workmanship and design, the photographers, illustrators, journalists, or the choice of words… every aspect of this project reflects the Group’s own exacting standards.

One of AccorHotels’ four strategic pillars concerns employee training and motivation. The Group firmly believes that food and beverage centers around the women and men involved. That is why this book is a tribute to them and their profession.

This book, its reports and pictures, have been made to showcase the teams. For the first time, we go behind the scenes — into the kitchen and the dining room — uncovering the mysteries and everyday jobs of the employees.

The book reflects the Group’s approach to F&B and celebrates the teams in a way that is authentic (the actors are employees), straightforward (the testimonials are captured in the heat of the moment) and transparent (the teams are pictured going about their daily routines). The quest for excellence is a constant throughout the book — every word, every gesture is a tribute to the meticulously crafted menus of top restaurants and the quality of their produce.

It features testimonials from managers, instructors, chefs, barmen, waiters and more, leaving nobody out.

The photos have not been edited, no actors were employed, and there were no sponsors. The employees were photographed in their workplace, going about their everyday jobs.

The Group highlights the training available both in-house — by interviewing its team leaders — and externally in a specialized catering school. The interviews of top chefs reveal their everyday work and efforts to transmit expertise and develop skills.

This project is above all an internal strategic communication tool designed to unite the 80,000 men and women working in F&B around a shared sense of community and a clear, informed view of the profession.


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