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This site is the property of Adelphon, Société par actions simplifiée, with a capital of 12,500 euros, registered in the Trade and Companies of Paris under number 809 742 844 00016, whose registered office is located at 5 rue de Dantzig, 75015 Paris, France. Access to this site implies full acceptance of the following: This service is governed by these General Terms of Sales (hereinafter referred to as the GTS), to the exclusion of any other document or condition. Any purchase made from the website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the subscriber to the GTS and the Terms of Use.

Access to the website

Access to this website and its use are reserved for strictly personal use only. Access to the site is possible 24/7, except in cases of force majeure or an event beyond the control of Adelphon. The website is subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Access to the service is done from a PC connected to a telecommunications network allowing access to the site according to the communication protocols used on the Internet network.

Our offers


You can subscribe to Hospitality ON and Hospitality ON Magazine online. Different subscription offers are available and can be consulted on the subscription page of the website.

Hospitality ON has the right to change its rates at any time, or to offer other temporary promotional offers. The new rates apply to subscriptions purchased after the rate change.

Upon termination of your subscription during the year, no refund will be made. However, it is possible to provide us with the contact details of the person who could benefit from your subscription.

At the end of each membership period, it will automatically be renewed for an equivalent period, unless you notify Hospitality ON (by email: websales@hospitality-on.com or by phone +33 (0)1 83 81 40 13) before the next due date, that you wish to cancel or that you do not wish to automatically renew your subscription.

If you choose to subscribe to the magazine, please note that the magazines are delivered to the address listed in your personal space, provided that you fill it in correctly and that you give all the necessary details for the correct delivery of your order. Delivery times and deadlines are those usually used by the postal services, Hospitality ON declines any responsibility in the event of failure and/or delay in the delivery of magazines caused by a total or partial failure of the postal service.

In case of a change of address or non-receipt of the magazine, it is imperative to change your address in your personal space or to inform us within 15 days (by email: websales@hospitality-on.com or by phone +33 (0)1 83 81 40 13). We cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of your magazines. Under no circumstances will we refund the subscription.


Visible advertisements visible on the Hospitality ON are presented in the dedicated inserts. It consists on communication media avaible to advertisers wishing to communicate on the site. The advertisements displayed on the site will be controlled by our team before being posted, Hospitality ON reserves the right to refuse them at any time. The conditions below govern advertising on the site.

1 - Any subscription to an advertising order implies acceptance of our conditions of sale and payment.

2 - Confirmation of the order by the editor binds the two parties by contract.

3 - The acceptance by the editor of an advertisement order only gives to the advertiser the right to occupy the reserved space.

4 - In the event of an order's cancellation by the advertiser or their representative, four weeks' notice is required. If necessary, the publication will be retained.

5 - Any significant modification of an order shall result, if it occurs, in a lower or higher adjustment of the price based on the rate.

6 - If the announcer intends to use an advertising agency, hereinafter referred to as "the proxy", the latter must have received a written mandate from the advertiser. The advertiser will nevertheless remain responsible for the payment to the editor even if the proxy provides the financial relay.

7 - The announcer frees the editor of all liability that may incur as a result of the advertisements it published by order, shall indemnify him for all damages that it incurs, and shall guarantees it against all action by third parties with regard to these inserts.

8 - The editor is free to refuse, in accordance with the practices of the press, the insertion of an advertisement without it being necessary for him to justify his refusal. Hospitality ON's advertising department will reject any advertising insert that it deems contrary to the company's morals, morals or commercial interests, or that is in violation of applicable laws and regulations. All advertising insert likely to shock or disturb readers, which is offensive, defamatory or discriminatory or which appears on the lists of irregular advertisements provided by the BVP will be refused.

9 - An insert cannot be shared between several announcers (even if they have the same proxy).

10 - Technical constraints: the announcer will send all the technical elements according to the specifications required by the editor. All additional work will be charged. In the event of non-compliance with the submission dates, the elements of the previous announcement will be used if available. In this case, the amount of the publication will be retained without the possibility of a refund request.

11 - Billing is carried out in the name of the announcer or in the name of the proxy mandated by the announcer, by order and on behalf of the announcer. The editor receives either the original invoice or the second original if he has mandated his agency. The advertiser is, in any event, responsible for the payment of the announcer order under the conditions defined by the tariff.

12 - Payment must be made before the ad insertion is published on the website.

13 - Late payment - Penalties: any delay in payment noted on the due date automatically and legally results, without prior notice, in the following effects: the suspension of the execution of all orders placed by the announcer concerned, the enforceability of all outsanding and billed sums, the suspension of the professional discount in the event that they have been granted.

14 - Litigation: any complaints must, under penalty of forfeiture, be made within one week of insertion. By express agreement between the parties, it is stipulated that in the event of a dispute, the Paris Commercial Court has sole jurisdiction.

15 - Limit of the editor's responsibility: the editor is released from his obligation to publish the client's advertisement following the occurrence of any fortuitous event or force majeure, of circumstances having an external cause, as well as any act of fact or law emanating from any third party independent of the editor's personal fact and preventing him directly or through a third party to meet his obligations.

16- Adelphon cannot be held liable in the event of any infringement of the rights of use resulting from an image, sound or video transmitted by the customer. In these circumstances, any delay or failure to publish shall not justify the termination of the order or give rise to damages. In any event, the total mandate for financial compensation by the publisher may not exceed the amount of the publication price of the advertisement paid by the customer.

Advertisements rates, please contact us to websales@hospitality-on.com / +33 (0)1 83 81 40 13

Participation in the "Hospitality Awards", "Hospitality Operator Forum" and "Hospitality Asset Forum" events

As the number of places is limited, Hospitality ON reserves the right to give priority to registrations to its clients and partners.

Once the registration form has been completed and returned, full payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice, prior to the date of the event.

In case of cancellation, no refund will be made. However, it is possible to provide Hospitality ON with the contact information of the person who may benefit from your registration.

In the event that, for major, unforeseeable or economic reasons (such as fire, flood, pandemic destruction, accident, fortuitous event, strike at local or national level, riot, risk of insecurity, storm, terrorist threat, health situation... at local, national or international level), the event cannot take place, applications for admission are cancelled and the sums available, after payment of the expenses incurred, are distributed among the exhibitors, in proportion to the sums paid by each of them.

Authorizations : The participant grants Hospitality ON permission to publish the videos and/or photographs that will be taken of him/her during the events.

Appointment scheduling platform

Hospitality ON has set up an appointment scheduling space for participants in its events.

The objective of this platform is to facilitate contact between the different participants.

All participants in the event give their consent to Hospitality ON to have their first name, surname and company name appear in this platform. Hospitality ON will not provide contact information for participants on the platform. 

Any participant who does not wish to have their personal information published on the platform must indicate this by email to webmedia@hospitality-on.com or by post to Hospitality ON - 5 rue de Dantzig, 75015 Paris.

Anyone booking a place for a third party must also have their agreement to appear on the appointment booking platform. Hospitality ON cannot be held responsible in the event of non-validation with the participant.

Modalities of subscription

The validation by the customer of his order implies acceptance of these General Terms of Sales and the Terms of Use fully and without reservation. Hospitality ON reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a payment dispute relating to an offer marketed by Hospitality ON, without the latter being entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever. The customer acknowledges that the data recorded on the Site constitute proof of the transaction (type of subscription and date of subscription), and the data recorded by the payment system described below, proof of the financial transaction.

The payment and the prices

You must create an account and complete all the information in your personal space in order to make purchases on the site. The prices in force are those displayed on the site on the day the order is placed, Hospitality ON reserves the right to modify them at any time. 

All orders are payable in euros, all taxes included (unless otherwise stated). Promotional offers are only valid for the duration of the validity of the offer concerned. Ongoing promotions cannot be combined with each other. They cannot be exchanged for their monetary value or refunded in part or in full. After the specified period, the reduction will be definitively lost.

1. Payment directly via the store: Online payment by credit card is provided by a secure solution (Paybox) that integrates an encryption process in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode.

2. Payment by bank transfer: For more information, please contact our sales department at the following address: websales@hospitality-on.com or by phone at the following number: +33 (0)1 83 81 40 13.


Adelphon reserves the right to modify all or part of these general terms and conditions of sale at any time. It is therefore the user's responsibility to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Terms of Sales and Conditions permanently available on this site. The user is deemed to accept this latest version each time he connects to the service. The Terms are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

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