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All-inclusive travel, a new luxury trend

Personalization of the service, knowledge of the customer, treatment adapted to each according to his expectations... the luxury hotel industry has made it its main focus. And to gain the loyalty of its customers, the establishments also personalize their rates. Each client receives an offer based on their expenses and loyalty. And if, to simplify the relationship between the customer and the establishment, the key to the commercial offer would reside in the all-inclusive?

Club Med and Four Seasons Private Jet Experience: all-inclusive luxury

In 2004, Club Med made a significant change in strategy. Upscale clientele become the group's target and the group launches a new focus on this segment. Club Med Cefalù, which will open its doors this summer, is a symbol of the group's transformation: opened in 1958 at the beginning of Club Med, it has benefited from investments close to €90 million to be up-marketed. Amongst all these changes, the All-Inclusive formula remained.

The luxury brand Four Seasons unveiled its new Four Seasons Private Jet offer in 2015. This all-inclusive offer is aimed at a very well-to-do clientele with a theme trip to several destinations via a plane. At around $140,000 per person this offer includes air transportation, ground transfers, excursions, full board and accommodation.

Remove interactions linked to money to increase those linked to relationships

Is the all inclusive service by luxury groups only a means to better plan the revenues and costs of their onerous establishments?

Is the success of these offers due to the abundance of services proposed, the fact that everything is available in unlimited quantities? These services are already available to wealthy customers on a daily basis and this is not what they are looking for on holiday. 

A Sociovision/Cofremca study on a high-income population provides a better understanding of its behaviour towards luxury. Money, if it equates to a social group, is rejected. What matters is the need to be oneself, to develop, to cultivate, to grow.

The successful companies of recent years have changed the relationship with money between customers and employees. AirBnB, Uber, Blablacar among others, propose services where customers pay before meeting their host / driver and where the experience between these two is based on the welcome and the exchange.

Club Med and Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, through their all-inclusive luxury offerings, empower their customers to focus on what matters most to them: their travel experience.

The all-inclusive service, in which relations between customers and employees focus on the relational aspect and in which interactions linked to money are limited, is one of the offers of the high-end hotel brands. The all-inclusive package is the potential growth axis of luxury groups for the years to come.

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