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#GLF19 | "The first customer is the employee, who also must live an experience"

Training, loyalty development, job appeal... what to do and how? Lifestyle brands: how, for whom, and what about "traditional brands"? What are the future trends in the sector? Welcome to part two of the Global Lodging Forum sessions.

Elsa Darquier Big Mamma

"At Big Mamma we have a slightly provocative formula to make our identity clear: in our company, we don't care about the customer, it's the employee who is king. First of all, because our recruitment is substantial: 50 new employees per month. And on permanent contracts. But also because it says a lot about our brand, our DNA. The Turnover in the hotel industry, the new profiles who do not want to stay in the same company for years and years, are all reasons to put the employee back at the centre. We do it differently, that's the recipe: birthday holiday, training, at least 3 hours a week, end of face-to-face recruitment, search for new profiles, all in open data, including the salary grid. The first customer is the employee, who must also live an experience."

Elsa Darquier, HR director, Big Mama

Maryse Juranville Georgel BPCE

The first challenge of today and tomorrow is to move from a logic of control to a logic of self-accountability. From a logic of knowledge to a logic of competence, always transferable but based on soft skills. The second challenge is to understand that everything becomes service. Michelin no longer sells tires but mobility, a banker no longer sells an account but advice and expertise.

Marie Juranville-Georgel, Responsable prospective Groupe BPCE


Caroline Loisel

Caroline Loisel, Do millennials truly exist?

It is difficult to define a "generation", and it is vain to believe that a simple date of birth produces traits that may be generalized or be a significant fact. Nonetheless generation Y appears to have at least 3 traits:

  • First, they seek above all relations and experience
  • They are realistic and especially clear about the artifices of the work world 
  • They learned how to use new technologies very early

What might characterize them best may be the quest for meaning. And in that they are not unique, we are all members of generation Y.

Caroline Loisel, HR leadership consultant


Session formation

How can we develop the loyalty of our collaborators? Our employees?

Franck Bruel Engie

The first thing is to know the business. The boss must know exactly what his employees do, their tasks, their daily lives. It is the first step in enabling respect, and respect is essential to build employee loyalty, it is this respect that motivates and drives teams. In Lausanne, the first year, everyone starts at the bottom of the scale. In any case, I think that today young people want to stay in the same company for a shorter period of time. They want to stay 3 or 5 years. This remains a problem for us, because it is important to the customer to see familiar employees.

Sylviane Rives, Deputy HRD, Plaza Athénée, Dorchester Collection, Talents de Cités projects, André Witschi, president of the foundation Board, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

  Franck Bruel

Engie is the world leader in zero carbon. We have totally gotten out of coal, to become the leader in wind power, photovoltaics... But that is still too little. Because the real issue, and where we need to focus our efforts, is energy efficiency. Since 2000, the overall carbon savings generated by green investment have been less significant than the savings made by energy efficiency. While it wasn't a priority. Just take an example, it's more telling: when it came out, the Volkswagon Golf was 70 horsepower and consumed 50 litres per 100 kilometers; today, the Volkswagen Golf has 110 horsepower but only consumes 4 litres. That is what energy efficiency is all about.


Franck Bruel, deputy Chief Executive Officer, Engie


Vanguélis Panayotis

Will a war of CAPEX take place? Probably. With investors launching new products on the one hand, and investors renovating existing ones on the other, the challenge will be to regain seduction, improve the product and, ultimately, retain the consumer. Obviously, the central question is the yield: how, and above all who, will guarantee the best possible yield? This will require studies, reflection, and a new start for an investment cycle that represents as many studies as setting up a new hotel.

Vanguélis Panayotis, CEO, MKG Consulting

  Mercedes Erra

How do you create a strong brand? I have been asked this question many times. And the answer is constantly changing. Today, I would say that a strong brand, on the one hand, is a brand that makes sense. On the other hand, it is a brand that has a notion of entertainment. However, entertainment is no longer simply the pleasure of the moment, it is now a concept that is connected meaning, entertainment must be more sustainable, rewarding in the long term. Mercedes Erra, executive President, Havas Worldwide and founder, BETC


Serge Trigano

In 15 years, when everyone will be into lifestyle, if that word has any meaning at all, then Mama Shelter will re-invent the classic hotel business by creating Papa Shelter! The success of lifestyle brands and concepts can be a little dangerous. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean success; once again, it depends on what goes into the lifestyle. At Mama: there's DNA. And that's what makes us different, it's not lifestyle for lifestyle or simple design. And besides, DNA can be used in different ways: it's possible. We are embarking on co-working with Mama Work.

Fabrice Collet, President, CEO B&B Hotels, Serge Trigano, Co-founder, Mama Shelter, Olivier Cohn, CEO, Best Western France

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