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Forget The Music. Just listen.

The daily life of a hotel or a restaurant manager seems to be an endless succession of small problems and great challenges. A life on the wire, where every decision could be a matter of sustainability or failure.

However, there is one problem that doesn't ever go away: music programming.

It might seem like a minor issue to the neophyte, but broadcasting music remains a challenge for many professionals.

At first we ignore a bad song, the inappropriate language, or the occasional commercial break. Then one begins to notice the erratic volumes distracting the customers, the repetitive songs and identical sequencing that literally overwhelms the staff and the customer alike.

Inadequate music selection can create a negative chain reaction: the employee morale plummets, the customers complain, the sales slow down.

We live in a digital era where music is more widely available than ever. Yet, programming suitable background music in a public space remains a headache for many entrepreneurs and managers.

Let's be honest, designing a suitable musical program for a hotel or a restaurant that's open 12 hours a day and six days a week is a real challenge, even for a professional DJ.

Fortunately, broadcasting pertinent musical content for each moment of the day, continuously updated and without interruption, is still possible.

If music a problem for you? Here's how we begin to fix it.

  1. Establish of a musical strategy based on the type of space, your targets, as well as your goals (sales, branding, productivity).
    • Define a target or a buying persona, and tailor the music offering
    • Answer this question: why do I broadcast music?
  2.  Choose a solution tailored for the needs of professionals
    • A musical content suited for hotels and restaurants
    • A system that works day and night, delivering a continuous flow of music
  3.  Adequate programming over time
    • Traditional streaming services are not designed for intensive broadcasting because of the modest size of playlists (between 20 and 50 tracks)
    • In addition to the length of playlists, look for a true shuffle mode and frequent content updates
  4. Opt for peace of mind
    • Focus on comfort and ease of use
    • Choose a trusted partner

At Sublimusic, we understand the specific needs of hoteliers and restaurateurs. We offer our customers complete control over their content, allowing them to assert their brand through a meaningful musical atmosphere and customer experience.

The benefits are many: delight your customers, boost the morale of your staff and ultimately drive your sales.

Spending less time solving your music problem means that you will have more opportunities to grow your business.

Music is a problem? Make it a strength with Sublimusic.

"The musical signature created by Sublimusic for our hotel is beautiful. It delights our customers, as well as our staff." Pedro Deakin, GM - Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva.

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