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Published on 01/12/22 - Updated on 01/12/22

5 challenges were given to hospitality students by Accor, Disneyland Paris, Hilton, IHG Hotels & Resorts and Radisson Hotel Group. 5 challenges to shape the hospitality of tomorrow. Students won a 6-month internship within those companies.

The Young Talent Awards, organized by Hospitality ON, is a global student competition that rewards the best initiatives in the hospitality sector. Students were invited to submit their ideas and projects related to communication, marketing, human resources, social and environmental responsibility fields.

The hospitality of tomorrow will be sustainable or won’t be said Maud Bailly, CEO Southern Europe, Accor:

The challenge

Every year, there were more than 200M single-use plastic products used in our hotels. As of today, we have already put in place several alternatives: the welcoming plastic water bottle has been changed into a filtered water in a glass recipient as well as several single-use plastic amenities into dispensers in the bathroom.

Today, we're asking you - talent of tomorrow - how we can engage and empower our guests into this sustainable change, to embark them, to convince them, and ensure they’ll not only understand these changes, but also choose Accor specifically because we’ll be a pioneer of the hotel industry of tomorrow.

Challenge accepted!

Congratulations to the Pic'Ology team who won the first challenge launched by Accor on the importance of involving their clients in the sustainable transition of the hospitality sector. This first prize was awarded by Nicolas Saint-Marc, Vice President Talent & Culture Operations France, Accor and Antoine Dubois, Senior Vice President Marketing & Guest Experience Southern Europe, Accor.

“We want to integrate customers into an ecological approach by motivating them to act easily to make their stay more respectful of the environment. For this we want to set up a win-win-win system for the hotel as well as for the customer, and for the earth. In order to encourage the guest, we would like to reward him using a retention program inspired from the Accor loyalty program.

Our idea, our concept is to gather customers and the Heartist community around a common vision which is the hotel industry of tomorrow. To gather around this project, we will create a responsible loyalty program inspired by the existing Accor Live Limitless program. The objective is to involve the customer in our environmental approach by rewarding them for their personal investment during their stay. To do so, we will offer them the possibility to personalize their stay at Accor: by reducing the services provided. The customer will be able to decline at any time services that generate daily pollution that they do not consider essential to their satisfaction. Customers who do this will receive green points. What are green points? They are loyalty points specific to the responsible loyalty program that we are going to create, earned, cumulated by the customers with each of their responsible actions.

Win-Win-Win. The hotel, the customer and the environment will benefit of the results this commitment. This is not I, this is not You, this is not me but We are the winner.”

Special praise also goes to the finalist teams The Game Changers and Together Heroes, who met this challenge with brilliant ideas.

Make a difference for our future talents in hospitality! Asked Daniel Delcourt, SVP Operations at Disneyland Paris:

The challenge

Disneyland Paris has always striven to attract and retain young talents from both, France and Europe. We understand that the hospitality industry is often unjustly perceived as being incompatible with a good work-life balance. Working conditions specific to the industry, such as unsociable work hours, may refrain talents from joining an industry that is full of rewarding opportunities.

What solutions could you imagine to keep on providing a high level of service to our guests while creating attractive work conditions?

Challenge accepted!

The Horizons' Eaters team won the challenge brought by Disneyland Paris which was about the levers of attractiveness of the sector while maintaining a quality service to the customers. This prize was awarded by Xavier Louyot, Franchise Director, Disneyland Paris.

Their objectives:

  • “Inventing an application to increase the performance efficiency of the current and potential employees, as well improving the workflow of Disneyland Paris.
  • To provide the high level of services by giving options of time schedules to work along with unsociable working hours and avoid the risks of miscommunication.
  • Make an attractive working condition by providing a platform for the current and potential employees by possibly connect with the people in the same enterprise.

To attract the future talents, we propose an idea of creating an application with the overall of five sectors compositions:

  • The “Shift & Schedule” sector for employees to know their schedule ahead with synchronization system and preserve their upcoming working shift with the systemized quota.
  • Next, the “For You” sector as the job portal for staff and public who wants supplementary working hours in their area of passion, subduct the pressure of overtime employees, and potentially deduct the expense for employee’s salary. Additionally, the information on the website will also appear as a mobile version, Disney Audition, Disney College Program, etc.
  • Besides, “Benefits & Rewards” sector which inform a summaries of non-wage payment to add on their privileges. Moreover, “Connection” sector as the alternative communication platform for current and potential employee with the present of feasibility of connecting inter-Disneyland.
  • Lastly, “Map” sector with a live location sharing to develop the employees’ performance efficiency.”

The finalist teams were Bellamy-Mouton-Moley, MIH and PROFs who also brought innovative and efficient solutions.

Design a fresh recruitment programme. Expected David Kelly, SVP Continental Europe for Hilton:

The challenge:

Hilton is expanding rapidly, opening a hotel a day around the world, and growing our presence in new and established markets. From Paris, to London, Dubai to Shanghai, we’re always on the lookout for amazing new Team Members to bring our signature hospitality to life.

In order to continue to provide the best experience for our guests, we are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent as well as guaranteeing fulfilling careers for our Team Members – whether that is as a front desk agent, engineer or mixologist to name just a few roles. We are also concentrated on our commitment to hire a diverse workforce that reflects the diversity of our guests – and we’re excited about the progress we have already made.

As we grow our business our challenge to you is to design a fresh recruitment programme, which uses different channels, and techniques to recruit new Team Members to our hotels in Europe. The programme should include strategies to reach new and diverse audiences and showcase the breadth of roles available at our hotels. Consider also what new resources we could offer Team Members to support the recruitment efforts and any tools you would need to make the programme a success.

Challenge accepted!

The team NHL Stenden’s Workday Warrior won the challenge launched by Hilton on the diversity of roles available in the hospitality industry which reflects the variety of guests. The prize was given by Laetitia Barchewitz, Cluster Director of Business Development, Hilton.

The objective: “We aim to create a recruitment program that is offering personalized experiences and insights into the diverse environments made available by Hilton. To reach an assorted public, we intend to utilize the tools and resources of our generation.

Our idea: Personalized experience is something that interests not only the guests of a hospitality business but is also a crucial aspect for the recruitment of new employees. By following this objective, we hope to create an experience that highlights and makes the most of the values of both company and future employees. By targeting hospitality enthusiasts with 21st century skills that can enlighten the company, Hilton has the opportunity to showcase the variety of available positions, identify diversity and discover unexplored definitions of diversification for themselves and their future employees. In modernized and futuristic yet realistic ways, Hilton and its future employees will be able explore the possibilities within the branch.”

Special praise also goes to the finalist teams Talenton and The Fresh Hoteliers who worked hard to propose creative solutions.


Journey to Tomorrow - Shape the future of a responsible travel. Wanted Eric Viale, managing director Southern Europe at IHG Hotels & Resorts.

The challenge:

Guided by our respectful and responsible culture, we unveiled a 10-year action plan in 2021, to ensure the beauty of travel, right now and long into the future: We call this Journey to Tomorrow.

Our commitments are ambitious but targeted, reflecting our purpose of True Hospitality for Good, they ensure commitment to make measurable, positive, changes.

Whether it’s how we, as an organisation, stand up for diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights, contribute to social and economic change, or make more responsible choices around water, waste and energy – those actions matter to our guests more than ever before.

Our goal is to help shape the future of responsible travel together with those who stay, work and partner with us.

Among those objectives we are committed to:

  • Reducing our energy use and carbon emissions in line with climate change
  • Pioneering the transformation to a minimal waste hospitality industry
  • Conserving water and help secure water access in those areas at greatest risk.

Challenge accepted!

Congratulations to IMHI 4 IGF team who won the challenge brought by IHG Hotels & Resorts which was about creating a recruitment campaign aligned with the group’s action plan Journey to Tomorrow. The prize was awarded by Eric Viale, Vice-President & Managing Director – Southern Europe, CIS & Georgia, IHG Hotels & Resorts.

“The objective of this project is to propose a recruitment campaign that is aligned with the human and environmental values of IHG. The new talents recruited must be in line with the objectives of the "Journey to Tomorrow" to guarantee its success

Our project: Our recruitment campaign aims to move towards a new generation of talents that have particular expectations and demands. Thus, digital tools and social networks will be at the heart of our recruitment strategy to be as close as possible to generation Z. Our campaign is structured around two major projects on the subject of career development and community involvement:

  • 2.2.2 Program: A training and a career launch tool for operational professions. New talents would be, based on a personalized follow-up, able to imagine and build a career over several years with a real perspective of evolution. The process would start with training and goes up to an offer of a managerial position.
  • IHG S-miles: To support “Journey to Tomorrow”, we suggest setting a “point” system, based on associative commitment. The idea is to encourage employees to involve in the life of their company by accomplishing missions such as trainings or charity events.”

Congratulations also goes to the finalist teams ERA ALIZE and Madinina Power who met this challenge with flying colors.

Attract talents of tomorrow. Asked Shwetal Randive, Global Head of Learning & Development and Employer Branding for Radisson Hotel Group.

The challenge

Have you ever thought how the hospitality industry recruits and trains these talented individuals? And how can we elevate the candidate experience? 

Your challenge today is to propose suggestions on how Radisson Hotel Group could engage with new candidates looking to start their career in hospitality. 

Start from the beginning and think about how we could reach talented individuals before they have even considered hospitality as a career. Which channels can we leverage? How can we educate them on the benefits of being part of this dynamic industry? 

What can we do to enhance the application process, interview & hiring phase, and the overall onboarding experience?

Challenge accepted!

IMHInence team won the challenge brought by Radisson Hotel Group which was about improving the recruitment process as well as the onboarding experience. The prize was awarded by Shwetal Randive, Global Senior Director, Learning, Talent Development and Employer Branding, Radisson Hotel Group.

“What’s the objective: inspiring the talented passionate youngsters by making them discover the endless growth opportunities that Radisson can offer. Our solution: ENGAGE FURTHER. Our project has one clear vision: Dream, Grow and Make it Real.

Our engagement campaign starts with the teenagers, who have not considered the hospitality industry yet. The goals of this project is to reach the talents wherever they are, regardless of their background and invite them to our world. In order to create a long-term relationship with them, we need to build some solid foundations. To do so, we have various new concepts for you.

  • Turned Tables & Open Doors Events: reversing the traditional interview process and letting young talents immerse in our world & properties by themselves.
  • What could you Become at Radisson? Interactive and intuitive online questionnaire to make users able to visualize the jobs matching their personalities and discover opportunities.
  • Talent Development Summer Camp: Launch of partnerships with diverse schools, providing temporary contract that would lead to an enriching summer experience abroad.
  • Innovate to Grow: Building a direct line of communication with students of various ages by proposing adapted contests, showing that they all have something to learn from working together for hospitality projects.
  • New Channels for New Talents: Regular events livestream and publishing about our star employees using Instagram story adds, will show how passionate our employees, are to future talents.
  • Anything is Possible: promotion of cross training between hotels to help employees reach their full potential and open doors for those who want to pursue an international career, uniting all our talents around the world.

The other finalist teams Sisu! and The Game Changers proposed adequate solutions to this very topical challenge.

See you next year for new challenges!



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