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Upscale and luxury brands: "collections" have become quite popular

If there is one word that has come up often in hotel marketing in recent years, it is "collections". It is a recurrent feature in the communication of medium-high end and luxury hotel brands. It has emerged strongly with no less than half a dozen new brands among major hotel groups: Radisson Collection, Ascend Hotel Collection, Autograph Collection, The Luxury Collection, Curio Collection, Tapestry Collection, Best Western Premier Collection, Best Western Signature Collection. 

"Collection", not "catalogue"... just a question of words? 

What does the dictionary say? A collection is "a group of similar things deliberately acquired, usually over a period of time, and organized according to the documentary, aesthetic value, for their price and rarity." As for the collectorthis is a "person who has a passion for collecting"! Make no mistake, luxury codes are certainly present. If we look at the other terms employed in these brand names, we will also see the universes of craftsmanship, haute-couture and even the calligraphy traditionally associated with the upper product ranges. There is not so much as revolution as there is a fashion. It's a fact. What is/are its use(s)? What do these different "collection" brands have in common? How do they differ? Finally, what trends are they responding to? Is it a consumer trend? 

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"Soft brands" that convey ideas of experience and uniqueness

In the comparisons game, "collection" brands all call upon radically different realities. Firstly, positioning: these 7 brands occupy a range from midscale with Tapestry Collection to luxury with Radisson Collection. As for locations, within each brand there are properties in the centers of major capitals such as Radisson Collection Mayfair as well as isolated resorts or properties in secondary cities or more exclusive destinations such as the Radisson Collection Tsinandali Estate in Georgia. the choice of buildings is also the result of a desire to provide an exclusive experience for more or lass important clientele. The Radisson Collection brand is est particularly selective from this standpoint . In Moscow, the brand's property is in one of the "Seven Sisters" in the capital, one of the neoclassical skyscrapers built in the '50s as lodgings for the families of the communist intelligentsia. 

Lifestyle brands and a response to the development of independent hotels 

All these brands claim to offer a unique "experience" for their clients, starting with the properties, which are filled with history or bold design. Lacking the same means as in other segments, this will to build customer experiences rather than services is global. In this regard, the "collections" brands are a part of this more general trend of lifestyle brands development.

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Generally speaking, this development of "soft brands" a response to the development of independent hotels, particularly in the United States. This is true for Best Western whose CEO David Kong declared during the launch of its new midscale brand Best Western Signature Collection in October 2017 "A growing number of hotels in North America and abroad are becoming independent because they want more flexibility and independence with respect to the brand's demands, but we must not forget that they are also looking for different sources of business, a loyalty program and a robust booking system." 

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