Latin America


After a few years of significant growth, the Latin American continent is now experiencing weaker growth, with only 2% increase in supply from 2016 to 2017, below the world average.

Key figures


2,597,415 rooms

Global supply as of January 1, 2017 (rooms)



Supply growth rate in 2017



Penetration rate in 2017

The South American continent and the Caribbean have been able to take advantage of the region's major sporting events and dynamism for a few years, resulting in significant hotel growth. Today, following financial difficulties and increasingly worrying political turmoil in countries that were once stable (Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, to name but a few), the continent has slowed its progress.

The most dynamic countries (Peru or Colombia, for example) have not yet reached the level or hotel capacity required to improve the general condition of the continent. In addition to these risks of human nature, the hurricanes of 2017 in the Caribbean have shown the fragility of certain buildings, and above all the tourist attraction of these destinations, in a context of environmental precariousness.

Latin America is today the region with the lowest penetration rate of channels (23%, compared to almost 30% in Europe and 73 in North America!), which does not facilitate the influx of massive investments. As a result, if Mexico is the 9th country in terms of hotel park in the world, and Brazil 15th, these two tourism giants do not manage to pull the whole area upwards. Latin American groups, the world's top-ranked group is Grupo Posada, a Mexican group (46th), followed by City Express Hoteles (Mexico, 80th). Proof of the link between supply growth and the dynamism of hotel groups.


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