#GLF19 | Training, recruiting, personnel loyalty ... how do they do it?

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Published on 28/03/19 - Updated on 17/03/22

Caroline Loisel et Elsa Darquier

Some manage to be attractive, some manage to recruit young motivated employees and make them evolve within the business. Even with exponential growth in personnel, even in a sector that is not very appealing. But how do they do it? - SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION AVAILABLE fr/en and reverse.

Four years ago, Elsa Darquier, DHR at Big Mamma took a job at a company with no employees. Today, that same company has 900 collaborators and by the end of the year they will be 1,300.
Big Mamma is first and foremost a will to reinvent dining Italian style with a strong concept on site and in the dish. But it is not just the product that was marketed, Elsa went further. She marketed human resources and developed very advanced recruiting, evaluation, training and internal mobility methods. The secret to success? No matter what, Big Mamma does not hire any of its managers and leaders externally. Once they have caught virus, they are encouraged to evolve and undertake new activities within the group.

Enterprising: this is one of Big Mamma's core values along with authenticity, excellence and team spirit. These values are no accident. They allow the group to maintain a strong identity, to monitor the quality delivered to the customer and to perform in human resources management.

How do you find new talents? Each month, Elsa Darquier organizes an event at a school to find the rare pearls between September and November  and January and June. A steady rate, staff of 14 to manage human resources, the biggest division in the group, but it is not by chance.

Caroline Loisel specializes in human resources. She developed a matrix to analyze HR leadership in the digital world. How are these tools used? What are the channels? Who are their targets? Using concrete examples, she offers ways to develop human resources solutions with digital tools.


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