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Published on 17/03/22 - Updated on 17/03/22

Hospitality Operator Forum 2022

The programme of the Hospitality Operator Forum will cover the major trends that have taken the sector to new heights.

A day of sharing and exchange on the major challenges that the sector has been facing for the past 24 months. Some trends are not new but all have seen their implementation accelerate drastically with the crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

After a welcome speech by Vanguélis Panayotis, CEO of Hospitality ON, who will share his views on the major trends that will shape the hospitality sector tomorrow and the day after, Adrien Lanotte, senior analyst at MKG Consulting, will outline the markers of tourism demand in Europe after Covid 19.

Doing business differently

A necessity well understood by hospitality professionals who have been numerous in questioning themselves either from a proactive point of view or to face up to new events.


Intervention on the philosophy of the centaur, a hybrid life by Gabrielle Halpern, philosopher, specialist in hybridity. The challenge of hotel management is based on new data, with a need to make the sector attractive again, to work differently to gain in efficiency and to respond to the transformation of products. Because if the product is becoming hybrid, its operation must also become hybrid. Versatility, know-how and, above all, interpersonal skills are the key words of the 21st century tourism operation. 


Hospitality focus, the new deal in hospitality. New products and new services. A new model of co-working explained by its creator.

Hospitality Focus, becoming the employer of tomorrow. Attracting and retaining staff, practical examples from the sector. Faced with difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff, what are the players in the sector doing to regain their vital forces? Initial training, continuing education, apprenticeship contracts, changes in the organisation of properties, CSR commitments, work on the employer brand, etc. everything is on the table to cope with the increase in demand.

Strengthen its brand image and products

Communicate in a targeted manner and reach a large audience while enriching the universe of its brand. 

A strong product to build customer loyalty and meet the growing need for experience.

Case studies by entrepreneurs in the sector and operators who are working to strengthen the reputation and identity of their brands. A necessary step after the wave of asset light transition.

F&B to the rescue of turnover, concepts that attract customers

How to build an F&B concept? What mechanisms need to be mastered? What are the latest trends? Hotel and restaurant management, the new profession of the future?

The art of operating your properties for maximum value creation

Digital technology for better management of operations, testimonies of investor-operators.

How to contribute to your ecosystem and meet the challenges of tomorrow while preserving your profitability?

The benefits of an integrated CSR approach, companies can no longer procrastinate. Consumers are pushing and the legislator is setting the regulatory framework.

What initiatives are being taken by hotel brands and groups?

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