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Published on 30/10/23 - Updated on 30/10/23

B&B HOTELS Formation

Since September 2023, a class of 26 first-year BTS Tourism students from ESG Tourisme have been sharing their time between school and apprenticeship at a B&B HOTELS in the Île-de-France region. On 27 October, a B&B HOTELS delegation came to visit them to share these first weeks of collaboration and introduce the group to the students.

Romain Lecoq, Director of ESGCI-ESGTOURISME said:

"I've been working in this sector for around ten years with similar partnerships; this is the first time I've seen a delegation with the CEO travelling to meet the students for a whole day."

Fabrice Collet, CEO B&B HOTELS:

"We're very lucky to have you here, to have you taking an interest in us. I hope that in 10 years' time there will still be many of you who will stay with B&B HOTELS."

"I don't sleep in just anyone's house, but in the homes of people I like and who reassure me. We sell accommodation. The people who sleep with us go to see their family and friends, do business and do what they're passionate about. We help them to do very positive things. The more people travel, the better the world is".

"This is a business that will last and in which we need men and women. It's also a job with a real social lift. You have the qualities needed for the hotel trade within you, you don't need to inherit them from your social position. It's a job with a future and a job with many possibilities."

"Our values at B&B HOTELS are to keep things simple without fooling the customer.

We try as much as possible to leave the power on the ground. It is on the ground that you have the ability to find solutions. The managing agents are there to make decisions."

Vincent Quandalle, Managing Director Western Europe B&B HOTELS

"You have chosen to enter a fabulous industry and profession. Hospitality is one of the most beautiful professions in the world.

It's a fast-growing business and we're a fast-growing group. You can do anything in the hotel business.

Today, you're learning the basics of the business, hospitality. Behind that there are a multitude of geographical opportunities in 15 countries.

It's important to choose your profession and to be able to develop within it. You mustn't be afraid to be daring, to go and see customers. Satisfying a customer is what gives you pleasure in your job. That's one of the joys of our work in the hotel industry, we get immediate feedback from the customer's experience."

Sophie Donabedian, CSR Director, B&B HOTELS

"A company doesn't live in a bubble, it's connected to its stakeholders.

To keep pace with our hyper-growth, we need people. We need to make the most of this capital.

We also need to reduce our CO2 impact.

Why did I join B&B HOTELS? I spent my entire career in industry, and I came here because I felt the strong values of simplicity and action. We are testing to see the concrete results of what we have undertaken".

Mathieu Anckaert, Director of Management Operations at SGH, and Bruno Anelli, Director of the Paris Ile-de-France Centre network, then gave a more detailed presentation of the forthcoming changes in hotel operations and the group's strategy.

Mathieu Anckaert "We're counting on the fact that tomorrow you can become the managers of these hotels.

We are sharing with you a summary of what we shared with all our partners at our national meeting."

"Just over 30 years ago, I was in your shoes and I would have been delighted to meet a hotel brand.

We both have a lot of fun in our job. We're humble and agile. We need to continue to be so, given the pace of development.

Bruno: "Operations are important, and in the hotels you'll be able to discover many different professions.

Both shared with the students the Reflex 2022 - 2025 Plan, the pillars of which are

  • Development
  • Profitability
  • Recognised and responsible brand
  • Satisfaction and loyalty

With a constant specific to the group, maintaining a solid base of operational proximity. Added to this is a strategy that prioritises the product, with €100m invested in 2 years to renovate hotels and 7% of turnover invested every year in renovating hotels.

Several students in the class shared their experiences of their first few weeks on the course:

"As soon as I had my job interview, I felt very welcome. When I arrived, I was given good training.

The welcome is intuitive and easy, and it's very easy to find solutions. There's a lot to do and there's never a dull moment.

"I really like the fact that everyone helps each other out, we rotate tasks. I really like the team spirit. I also learn by talking to customers.

"We speak several languages and it's good to see people from different countries.

"I've learnt to keep calm. I like the idea of helping hotel guests."

"Working in the hotel industry is a real experience. It's never the same day."

B&B HOTELS executives spent the day with the students to exchange ideas and build lasting relationships.



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