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Published on 16/05/24 - Updated on 16/05/24

Hospitality Operator Forum

Should we get out the life jackets? Join experts in artificial intelligence and CSR on 29 May to take a step back and anticipate the structural changes that are impacting every aspect of the hospitality sector. You will also be able to meet Michael Levie, co-founder of Citizen M, and Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the Accor group.

Many of you have already registered, but there's still time to join the Hospitality ON ecosystem and attend Hospitality Day.

I'm joining the Hospitality ON ecosystem to take part in Hospitality Day.

A programme packed with meetings, content and networking opportunities. This year, Hospitality Day is evolving to bring you even more quality content. Simultaneous translation available

The conference programme 

After a welcome coffee that will allow you to meet your peers and make new acquaintances while getting a signing from Gilles Moyse for his book Donnerons-nous notre langue Chat GPT? We look forward to welcoming you to a conference session focusing on key issues for the sector.

Vanguélis Panayotis, our CEO, will welcome you and share his vision of the underlying factors influencing the evolution of the sector. 

Next, Adrien Lanotte, Senior Analyst at our partner MKG Consulting, will detail the evolution of hotel cycles and the announcement of a new cycle. This is a subject we will also be exploring with Michael Levie, whose career in hospitality has given him a clear vision of the levers driving our industry forward.

Faced with the challenges posed by the exponential growth in the use and possibilities of artificial intelligence, we will be taking time out to talk to Gilles Moyse, who has been studying this sector since his PhD in artificial intelligence. In his view, AI is a technology that will cement dominant positions, but this tool is not about to enable the automation of complex processes. What place will humans have in this world, and how can organisations prepare for it? How can the hospitality sector, where the human link is at the heart of the sacrosanct customer experience, fit into this world? How can we retain the value of certain functions that are extremely dependent on technology?

For the vast majority of entrepreneurs in the sector, CSR is now a matter of course, but where do you start? To make the right choices, you need to understand the context in which each organisation operates. Tourist accommodation is deeply rooted in its territory, and the maxim " location, location, location " is still valid, but in a different sense. It's no longer just a question of having a storefront, but of playing an important role as an employer, as a place to live and meet people, and as a means of passing on a region's heritage. Hoteliers now see themselves as a bridge between tourists and local residents. Some tourist businesses are even regularly the biggest employers in a given area.

How can we combine profitability, performance and respect for the local area? What are the levers that need to be taken into account, and how can tourism be developed in the future to ensure that it is sustainable, responsible and contributory?

Entrepreneurship at the dawn of the 21st century and in the 20th century, have the levers for growth and innovation changed?  Find out from Michael Levie, co-founder of Citizen M, who is now helping a number of organisations with their transformation. We'll also be talking to Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the Accor group, number 1 in France and Europe, and one of the top 10 in the world.

Come and support the professionals of tomorrow

They are young, passionate and ambitious. Their responses to the challenges posed by, Grape Hospitality and IHG have surprised and nurtured experienced professionals. Some have come to Paris from the other hemisphere to take part in the Young Talent Awards. Others met at the Young Talent Awards season 2 and decided to take part in season 3 together. Still others are serial applicants and have put a lot of energy into sharing their ideas and ideals.

Come along to the Young Talents Awards ceremony to meet them and discover their inventiveness, which could inspire you too.

Reminder of the challenges

  • How can and hoteliers improve the "Sustainable Travel Business"?
  • Grape Hospitality: How can we innovate The People Ho(s)tel hybrid check-in/check-out model?
  • IHG: Find innovative ways for hotels to create and maintain a learning culture.

We invite you to take an active part in Hospitality Day

A travers les ateliers Brain Trusts par MKG Consulting (attention nombre de places limité). Vous serez entre les mains des experts MKG Consulting pour réfléchir ensemble à des problématiques centrales pour la profession sur lesquelles MKG Consulting vous propose de travailler.

  • CSR, from a constraint to an opportunity. CSR as a corporate project: where to start and what are the objectives? How can it have an impact on customers?
  • Automated revenue management vs rehumanised customer relations: what's the right balance? What is the right balance between AI-driven revenue management and building customer loyalty?
  • Distribution: the sinews of a war in which the first battle has already been lost? Is direct distribution still a topical battle in the face of future avatars?
  • Service at the heart of the business: what does the future hold? Service à la française, excellence in training - is soft power losing ground? What is the long-term value of alternative solutions such as 100% robotised reception
  • How can you differentiate your hotel? Is lifestyle a panacea that is losing its substance? Everyone is into lifestyle, but how do you build a long-term vision for your business?
  • The power of events. Beyond the Olympic Games, how do you make the most of events large and small over the long term?

A conversation with Paul Dubrule on the Accor Group's success story

What are the differences between entrepreneurship in the 20th and 21st centuries? Is audacity now a sufficient ingredient? Between the first Novotel opened in Lille Lesquin in 1967 and 5,584 establishments, i.e. 821,518 rooms as of 1 January 2024, what have been the major stages in the growth of this group led by a famous industry duo, Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson?
Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson have created a group that is now established throughout the world. Thanks to its solid roots, the Accor group continues to expand.
Transmission and continuity will be the watchwords of this discussion with those who have helped build the Accor group. Between the old and new generations, those who built Accor and continue to bring it to life will share original anecdotes about the birth, growth and development of France's and Europe's No. 1 hotel group.

I'm joining the Hospitality ON ecosystem to take part in Hospitality Day. Simultaneous translation available

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