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Published on 07/05/24 - Updated on 07/05/24

Brain Trust MKG

For the Hospitality Operator Forum, we are joining forces with our preferred partner MKG Consulting to offer you 6 Brain Trust workshops. All participants will have the opportunity to register for these workshops, subject to availability. Join us on 29 May from 14:00 to 16:00 to experience Brain Trust with MKG Consulting.

I'm joining the Hospitality ON ecosystem to take part in Hospitality Day.

A reminder of the day's programme.

Choose the theme that inspires you most from the 6 imagined by the MKG Consulting teams:

  • CSR, from a constraint to an opportunity. CSR as a corporate project: where to start and what are the objectives? How can it have an impact on customers?
  • Automated revenue management vs rehumanised customer relations: what's the right balance? What is the right balance between AI-driven revenue management and building customer loyalty?
  • Distribution: the sinews of a war in which the first battle has already been lost? Is direct distribution still a topical battle in the face of future avatars?
  • Service at the heart of the business: what does the future hold? Service à la française, training for excellence: is soft power losing ground? What is the long-term value of alternative solutions such as 100% robotised reception?
  • How can you differentiate your hotel? Is lifestyle a panacea that is losing its substance? Everyone's into lifestyle, but how do you build a long-term vision for your establishment?
  • The power of events. Looking beyond the Olympic Games, how can you make the most of events large and small over the long term?

Join us on 29 May for a discussion on one of these topics.

I'm joining the Hospitality ON ecosystem to take part in Hospitality Day.

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