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Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Tuesday 30 November 2021 à 18:00

En cours - Best Initiative in Talent Management

Marriott Constantine

Campaign - The Talents Caravan

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Chefs go to the market to identify quality. Chefs inspired us to identify the quality of the NexGen of Algerian Hoteliers lively from the marketplace!



Many hoteliers have been forced to take drastic actions during the COVID-19 to mitigate the staff impact while containing the related costs. This behavior blurred the reputation of the hospitality industry for many associates, especially for the starters whom decided to diversify the sector or seek for different opportunities.

We, at Marriott Constantine Hotel proactively through a think-tank session have ideated the “Caravan des Talents” project, posing key questions:

What the future will be? Would our world be sustainable? With whom? Better to hire young attitude and teaching skills! Let’s go for…

Project Inside

Inspired by the quality attitude of the starred Chef, we set our Vision:

“Aim to lively touch base with the marketplace in vision to identify and shop the most appropriate NexGen talents, whom could match with Marriott Culture and meeting the talent aspirations, within a reasonable pool of candidates”.

 A fully motivated team took the field to play a unique role. The General Manager with the role of Motivation Assessor, the Multi-Property HR Director as Attitude Assessor and the L&D Coordinator as Skills Assessor.

Strategically we chose the end of school period. End of May to the beginning of June, in order to attract students looking for an internship as well as new graduates looking for work. This period is also ideal to promote Voyage program and have candidates for next September session 2021.

The Goals had been to create a foundation of HR Marketing to attract talents and promote the company values and its development programs. Yet, to strengthen the school-hotel networking and relationships. Inspire students by sharing Success Stories. Apply the Pareto principle to select the best 20% of total audience (candidates for internship, full-time jobs, Voyage program).

To make our efforts alive and sustainable, we planned a Communication action through E-Marketing to boost the entire activity visibility on the main social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn with the aim to create a viral outcome. The professional tools such as photos have sustained the E-Marketing and Communication during the visits to share. Yet, rollup; live fully - Career program Marriott Constantine. Live fully flyers, Videos, Constantine Promotion Videos had been displayed.

The tour kicked off on May 30, 2021 with the ESHRA ORAN. A branch of Algiers higher school of hospitality and Catering, certified by the hospitality management school Lausanne (EHL). The school has been enriched with a technical and practical school in Oran. The main vocation of the establishment is the training of higher BTS technicians in hospitality and catering trades; Culinary Arts - Restaurant Service – Accommodation.

Next stop had been on May 31, 2021 at the National Institute of Hotel and Tourism Techniques open since 1972. Over two years, it provides training as a senior technician (TS) in two fields: the hotel industry, which breaks down into three specialties, namely catering, cooking and pastry & hotel management. The other branch, tourism, split into two options: hospitality and entertainment as well as production and distribution. During the visit, we took part of the examination team for the closing of the third technical year.

On June 1, 2021, we approached the Algiers Hotel and Catering Graduate School – ESHRA. Created in 2014, approved by the Ministry of Higher and Scientific Education and certified by the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. License: 3 years - Hotel and Restaurant management Bachelor: 4 years - managerial internship specialization Continuing education: à la carte.

On June 2, 2021, we concluded with a full day at the National Graduate School of Algiers - ENST School created in 1976, placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry in charge of higher education and the Ministry in charge of tourism. ENST's mission is to train Bachelors in Hotel and Tourism Management, Development and retraining for the benefit of hotel staff working in the sector.

With the end of the mission, we identified 18% of the candidates for the Constantine Marriott hotel 07% candidates oriented towards Marriott’s sisters Algeria properties.

During the summer, we have recruited 20 interns. Two Voyagers and provided other four voyagers to other Marriott’s sisters in the country.

Methodology applied

  1. We activated our contacts and obtained the acceptance by each School’s Dean.
  2. Scheduled accurately the visit based on the distance of the schools covering the market where specialists of the sector are educated.
  3. Visited the schools space and obtained the brief of the related programs.
  4. Pre-screening performed by the school based on the students aspirations and credits.
  5. Interviews were primarily based on the attitude, motivation and potential skills to deploy and to develop.
  6. Re-screening the talents interview and bridge with the school for the internship, Voyager agreements.

What’s next?

 This experience inspired and motivated us to go even further and present a Special Project (Edition 2) with the objective of influencing young high school students to move towards hotel industry by exhibiting its career opportunities. The next will involve for cooperation, the owning co, other Hospitality schools, Ministry of Tourism, National professional education & National higher education and the Marriott regional teal by distance.


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