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J hotel shanghai tower

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Cultivated Art in the Clouds: J Hotel Shanghai Tower Debuted at the Summit of Shanghai

Yi Lounge
103F Jin Yan Chinese Restaurant Receptio


J Hotel debuted its inaugural property on 19 June 2021 atop the Shanghai Tower, the tallest skyscraper in China and second-tallest in the world. J Hotel Shanghai Tower has reached a new milestone of success among China's homegrown hotels as it occupies the highest point in Shanghai. Jin Jiang International Hotels, China's largest and the world's second-largest hotel group, debuts the premiere luxury hospitality brand after dedicating ten years into its detailed curation, masterful craft, and opulent design. J Hotel weaves together broad influences from different realms of art and culture to bring a unique luxury perspective to Shanghai. It merges artistic touches throughout its design for palatial staterooms and the best in lifestyle, wellbeing, food & beverage, technology, and hospitality services, presenting an exclusive travel experience crafted with authentic Chinese flair.

A Shanghai View Above It All

J Hotel Shanghai Tower is located at the top of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower in the heart of Lujiazui, offering a bird's-eye view across the whole expanse of Shanghai. From this unparalleled location, guests can savor a view above and beyond all else. The horizon stretches clear from Hongqiao Airport in the west to the Yangtze River's powerful entrance into the East China Sea. It also provides a rare perspective on the nearby Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund, offering a chance to contemplate the city's rich historical evolution.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower also carries forward the brand's ambitious ideals, delivering its own interpretation of home and the world as they intersect with Chinese culture. By crafting luxury hotels that combine modern aesthetics and Chinese tradition, the J brand aims to set the benchmark for China's homegrown hospitality industry.

The Art of Interior Design

The interior design of J Hotel Shanghai Tower was led by Lv Haiyan, Chairman of Jin Jiang Luxury Hotels Management Co., Ltd, renowned novelist and award-winning screenwriter and crafted by R&O, a respected studio dedicated to the world's top hotels that was founded by Oscar LLinas and the late Robert Bilkey. Both Bilkey and LLinas personally participated in the hotel's design, which is Bilkey's final masterpiece on his life-long journey of designing wonders.

Guests are welcomed into the vast interior with six crystal Roman columns leading to an eight-meter-high Shikumen – the stately courtyard gates traditional to Shanghai – in an astonishing design that seamlessly blends the best of the east and west. On the sprawling tower's Floor 101, a sky bridge of laminated glass and metal unfolds before guests. At the end of the bridge, guests are met with graceful ballerinas dancing across the sky in delicately threaded metallics as an installation handcrafted by French artist Pauline Ohrel to invite every visitor into a unique universe of art and culture.

At this artistic landmark in the clouds, designers have utilized lacquer, glaze and enamel works as well as metal, crystal and mosaics that give life to a breathtaking space with creativity at every turn. The hotel also invited Chinese and international artists to collaborate on artworks that reflect their individual style while connecting in a cohesive design language, inviting guests to explore the carefully curated art exhibition that spans different floors.

The Art of an Elegant Residence

J Hotel Shanghai Tower boasts 165 rooms, including 34 suites. The staterooms and suites are located from Floors 86 to 98 and vary from 62 square meters to 380 square meters, making them some of the highest and most spacious options in Shanghai. Nestled into the Shanghai Tower's spiral, every stateroom has unique views. Beginning at the Huangpu River and cutting through the heart of the city below, guests have access to Shanghai's diverse and spectacular urban scenery, from the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Tower to the expanses across Puxi and Pudong.

As guests walk along the breathtaking guestroom corridors lined with unique art pieces lit by Chinese carved “lui li” crystal frames, they will discover doors of different colors. Behind each colored door lies the intrigue and unrivaled luxury of different guestroom design styles at the J Hotel: New Chinese and Contemporary. In the New Chinese staterooms, bespoke embossed wallpaper recalls the Yangtze Delta's ancient pavilions and buildings, giving a sense of the region's historic prosperity and elegance. The leather-trimmed TV cabinet and emerald glazed tea table embody dignified traditional Chinese culture. From the gold trim on the olive-green calfskin wall panel and dragon patterns on the sofa to the hand-blown glass floral bedside decorations and Tang Sancai-style ornaments, this thoughtfully crafted interior melds a touch of opulence with a rejuvenating environment. The bathroom is made of white marble with an exquisite glazed backdrop inlaid with a magnolia pattern in full bloom. A full set of Italian-made crystal faucets engraved with the J logo also reflects Jinjiang's determination to build a homegrown high-end brand.

The Contemporary staterooms are boldly constructed, defined by crystal magnolias and laminated glass. Sumptuous natural calfskin wall panels add elegance and spaciousness to the sanctuary. The bedside canopy woven with gold and silver wire, crystal magnolia lamps and a two-meter-wide Italian crystal glass TV cabinet all demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship. Selected furniture and ornaments reflect the sophistication of our guests, who can relax in the magnolia petal-shaped bathtub by the window and take in the breathtaking views across the Huangpu River.

All prevailing staterooms incorporate separated spaces including a bedroom, living area, bathroom and walk-in closet, creating personal sanctuaries in different layouts and styles. The mini-bar at the entrance offers various drinks and snacks, as well as a Nespresso™ coffee machine and a Chinese tea set. The bedroom area is equipped with a soft Simmons mattress with high-thread-count bedding and a full set of down products, creating a cloud-like, skin-friendly sleeping experience. Whether it be with the integrated crystal executive desk in the New China stateroom or the natural leather executive desk in the Contemporary stateroom, both room styles offer an intuitive workspace, along with high-speed Internet access, USB and HDMI ports and audio inputs.

Each room's built-in Smart Senor Control System allows digital control of the TV, curtains, air conditioning and lights, as well as personal butler services, all with a simple tap on a tablet. The complementary 10 M Internet access not only meets guests' needs for high-speed connectivity, but also allows them to enjoy remote document printing services. Numerous international TV programs are available on the 46-inch LED IPTVs, as well as on-demand viewing and screen projections to meet the demands of a diverse range of guests.

The walk-in closet provides ample storage space for clothing and luggage and a large-capacity personal safe, while the butler's closet is specially designed for contactless 24-hour laundry collection, ensuring the privacy of each guest. Spacious bathrooms are equipped with a double vanity, multiple light modes, separate bathtubs, showers and make-up areas, as well as mirrored TVs, branded hairdryers, and Hermes or Diptyque toiletries.   

In addition to the prevailing staterooms, the hotel has 24 Grand Suites, eight J Suites, one Jinjiang suite and one Shanghai suite, each with distinctive design themes.

The Grand Suite, with an area of about 100 square meters, is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a serene sanctuary with elegant neutral tones, delicate fabrics and top-notch leather. The J Suite, at around 195 square meters, presents the elegance of old Shanghai, also known as the "Paris of the East," woven together with the sleekness and modernity of contemporary Shanghai. The burgundy door panels and high crystal chandeliers heighten the sense of glamour, while the finest leathers and rich wood grains add a soothing natural touch.

The Jinjiang Suite is a spacious 210 square meters. With an unparalleled 180-degree view, guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shanghai and experience the city's evolution in real time. The suite has a separate living room, bedroom, dressing room, dining room, study and guest washroom to ensure privacy. The Jinjiang Suite is connected to two prevailing guest rooms, allowing for further expansion of living space based on guest needs.

As the highest-end suite at J Hotel Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai Suite is an integrated residence of magnificence in the sky. The astonishing 380 square meters of space on Floor 98 offers a separate parlor, bedroom, dressing room, study, kitchen and physiotherapy area. Guests are greeted by a luxurious Chinese phoenix and peony embroidery on the calfskin wall at the entrance, before being led into the curved parlor that boasts an exclusive panoramic view of Shanghai. Enriched with elegant furniture and cutting-edge artwork, the Shanghai Suite perfectly illustrates the art of luxury living above it all.

The Art of Global Haute Cuisine

J Hotel Shanghai Tower features seven distinctive restaurants and bars that offer the art of fine dining in the clouds. These include Heavenly Jin, one of the world's highest restaurants, Kinnjyou Inaka for a serene Japanese experience, Jin Yan for the best of Chinese cuisine, Centouno for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, the Lobby Lounge, the Yi Lounge and the Café & Patisserie. Each establishment has its own unique design and artistic décor, welcoming guests to enjoy spectacular views of Shanghai while feasting on diverse cuisines, fine wines and imaginative cocktails.

Located on Floor 120 of the Shanghai Tower, 556 meters above ground, Heavenly Jin is one of the world's highest restaurants. The restaurant is a fusion of diverse culinary arts, featuring modern European, Japanese and fine Chinese cuisines created by top chefs from different countries. Guests are greeted by a 30-meter-long Silk Road-themed Italian mosaic made of dozens of rich materials, manifesting openness and inclusivity. Inside the restaurant, diners are seated beneath a sky of ribbon-like crystal lights as they enjoy delicacies prepared by chefs from all over the world—a heavenly experience in the clouds that is not to be missed.

On Floor 104, Kinnjyou Inaka Japanese restaurant evokes a feeling of elegance and eternity with an infinity mirror design integrated in the ceiling and partitions. The entrance blends exoticism and traditional craftsmanship with three Japanese fan installations handmade with 24 K gold, engraved glazed glass and black and gold enamel. The restaurant specializes in Kaiseki and Teppanyaki cuisine and features 10 private rooms, as well as a circular sushi bar and open dining area. Each dining area offers a different view of the city, while the chefs perform live Japanese cooking techniques and present fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine.

The Jin Yan restaurant on Floor 103 serves authentic Cantonese cuisine. Featuring classic shades of Chinese red, the restaurant is a proud demonstration of the beauty of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The entrance corridor is made from red glaze and takes inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture. Inside, a crystal art installation displays a dragon playing with a pearl, which is considered an auspicious symbol in China. The openwork light shades are formed from glaze, and the walls are embellished with jade, glaze and gold foil, while a dragon pattern plays across the marble floor. The restaurant has eight private rooms with decorations that incorporate gold, wood, water, fire and earth—the five elements considered by ancient Chinese culture to have built the world. It also boasts two special private rooms featuring bespoke artworks from artists in glaze and enamel, each lending their own exceptional touch to the dining experience. Painter Zhou Xikang hand-painted landscapes for the moon doors of each private room, inviting diners into a refreshing environment with a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Centouno on Floor 101 blurs the boundary between reality and the virtual with artwork from Edoardo Tresoldi, the famous Italian artist behind "Absent Matter." His ghostly architectural work fuses a large Roman wire-mesh dome within the restaurant environment, casting a dream-like atmosphere over the space. This environment is heightened by the modern, healthy cuisine that defines southern Italian and Mediterranean culture. The open kitchen allows guests to appreciate the chef's performance at any time and features a unique pasta selection, offering authentic Italian pasta dishes made from ancient recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Lobby Lounge, also on Floor 101, is the place for guests to meet and mingle, while the Yi Lounge on Floor 84 is a new benchmark for Shanghai's bar and nightlife scene, mesmerizing guests with Shanghai's world-famous nightlife and live jazz.

Located on the first floor of the hotel, the Café & Patisserie specializes in grab-and-go delicacies including coffee, beverages and light, healthy food options.

The Art of Wedding and Banquet Experiences

The J Hotel Shanghai Tower boasts a 422-square-meter semi-circular Soirée Ballroom on Floor 105, which can be divided into two smaller fan-shaped spaces. It also offers an 86-square-meter boardroom and two multifunctional rooms at 38 square meters and 24 square meters, making it an ideal venue for high-end banquets, weddings, meetings and cocktail parties.

The Soirée Ballroom and conference rooms boast panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and are equipped with advanced audio-visual systems and integrated multimedia equipment. The two fan-shaped ballrooms are each equipped with 31 square meters of embedded curved LED screens for live screen casting with real-time connectivity. The boardroom has a Maxhub smart screen combining HDTV, a digital whiteboard and audio-visual video conferencing functions. The multifunctional meeting room can be custom-designed according to guests' requirements to meet the different needs of any given event. The hotel's professional wedding, banquet and conference event team provides one-stop services for guests, with access to the hotel's complete arsenal of resources, such as limousine transportation, bespoke menus, sommelier services and more to create once-in-a-lifetime memories tailored to guests’ individual needs.

The Art of Wellbeing

The Reiki spa and fitness center on Floors 84 and 85 provide a perfect escape for guests to relax and rejuvenate. The spa helps dissolve stress and anxiety while rejuvenating the body through holistic techniques and natural products. The fitness center is fully equipped with a yoga room and 160-meter skyline swimming pool, where professional fitness concierges are ready to provide guidance and health management services. The swimming pool on Floor 84 features a contemporary design with a touch of traditional Chinese elements. At the 130-square-meter viewing deck located by the pool, guests can step out into the clouds and enjoy the city from unparalleled heights.

The Art of Butler Service

Every guest at J Hotel Shanghai Tower can enjoy the exclusive services of a J Hotel Personal Butler. Highly trained, they are "know-it-all" Shanghai experts who curate services based on guest preferences and respond to requests around the clock. From ground transportation arrangements, luggage organizing, itinerary booking, pillow menu, a series of offerings dedicated to female guests, restaurant reservations, and sightseeing recommendations to business secretarial work, the J Hotel Personal Butlers are always ready to provide meticulous services to all guests, whether they are traveling for business or leisure.

At the pinnacle of Shanghai, J Hotel Shanghai Tower is so much more than a luxury hotel—it is a private sanctuary in the clouds with exclusive bliss that represents the best of Shanghai's rich heritage and cutting-edge modernity. It not only carries the aspirations of China's hotel industry, but also represents an exciting new milestone for Chinese homegrown hotel brands. In its brand mission to "live the spirit of benevolence," J Hotel Shanghai Tower will create a truly extraordinary experience for all guests with integrity, kindness, professionalism and humanity. For more details or room booking, please contact hotel at (86 21) 3886 8888, or visit hotel website


About J Brand

J is the premier luxury hospitality brand of Jin Jiang International Hotels, China's largest and the world's second-largest hotel group. J is named after the initial of Jinjiang. Centered around the Chinese philosophy of benevolence, the hotel welcomes all guests with integrity, kindness, professionalism and humanity, through an artistic environment of Chinese elements and heart-felt, quality services.

J Hotel's logo is inspired by a blossoming magnolia, the symbol of Shanghai, and encircled by rings of transparent rays that deliver dynamism within a static image. Through the icon's significance and elegance, J brand wishes to share its vision of building an internationally recognized hotel in Shanghai through its Chinese cultural cultivation.

About Jin Jiang Luxury Hotels (China Region)

Jin Jiang Luxury Hotels (China Region) is a high-end hotel management company established by Jin Jiang International Group, managing over 40 premium hotels including J, Yan Garden, Jin Jiang and The Kunlun brands.



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