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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

En cours - Best Initiative in Sustainable Development

Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort, Elounda, Crete

Campaign - Phāea Farmers Program

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Blue Palace is committed to hiring local staff wherever possible and embraces that many people work as farmers in low season, as Crete is a highly self-sustainable island known for its agriculture. We are investing in our employees’ agricultural efforts with the Phāea Farmers Program.

Phāea Resorts & Blue Palace are giving bucket list box tickers even more reason to add Crete to their dream travel bucket list as the company leads in responsible tourism with new year-round eco, cultural and social sustainability programs extending to every facet of the resorts and beyond.

By definition, responsible travel aims to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impact to a destination, encourages the growth and wellbeing of the local community, promotes conservation of natural environmental and cultural heritage, while providing a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for guests.

Phāea Resorts are committed to hiring local staff wherever possible and embrace that many work as farmers in low season, as Crete is a highly self-sustainable island known for its agriculture. We are investing in our employees’ agricultural efforts with the Phāea Farmers Program, providing support through collaborations with agronomists to train in organic farming methods and sustainable land use. Ultimately the program is creating more value and quality production and the resorts can source the highest quality local produce for use at the resorts. 
There are currently 13 employees in the program cultivating 18 land parcels reaching a total of 12 local communities around Crete. Training programs include how to plant vegetables, theoretical and practical trainings on soil health and sustainable crop management, agriculture productivity and pruning practices in selected olive grove and vineyards.
A variety of products are produced including aloe, grapes, wine, herbs, honey, fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, bananas, citrus (orange, lemons, mandarins), olives/olive oil, seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, potatoes), dairy products, and raki, a traditional, Cretan grape-based spirit.

The program benefits the seasonal farming staff, and also the local community’s health, environment and economy. The farmers are able to increase their annual income, contribute to region’s wider economy and training in sustainable land use benefits the soil and discourages the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

These efforts ultimately offer our guests fresh products that are authentically local, nutritional and environmentally friendly. Guests can feel confident about sitting down to a meal knowing where the food is from and its positive impact on the land, destination, and culture.

Cretans have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, thanks largely to their Mediterranean diet and lifestyle that originated in Crete. The resorts emphasize Crete’s ancient traditional vegan and vegetarian dishes providing nourishment for the body and soul. Procuring quality, sustainable, seasonal ingredients from local farmers and the resorts’ on-property kitchen gardens represents an investment in the health of our staff, guests and the earth itself.
This year, our guests will have the opportunity to also taste our very own Phāea Olive-Oil, sourced to our kitchens and restaurants. Τhe Extra Virgin Phāea Olive-Oil is obtained directly from olives & solely by mechanical means.

The PHĀEA PLAN BEE initiative, also launched this year, is based on the need to strengthen the pollinators, and more specifically bees, which are the greatest pollinators in Europe. We have installed private beehives and created pollinator-friendly gardens, planting plants with intense flowering in all 4 seasons of the year.


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