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Aiden by Best Western

Campaign - Aiden by Best Western@ Lorient Centre

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A 4-star boutique hotel on the theme of the Compagnie des Indes, the Aiden by Best Western @Lorient Centre offers its customers an experience that extends well beyond the traditional accommodation offer and takes the opposite tack to the standardisation of hotel chains.

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Located on the esplanade of the Lorient Rail Station in the downtown area, this 60-room lifestyle hotel shatters the codes of traditional hospitality by digitising its customer experience and a adopting a bold stance that plunges its customers into the world of the Compagnie des Indes, at the origin of the creation of the city of Lorient. Adjacent to the hotel, the Loco Loca, a hybrid living space, offers a Latino atmosphere where guests enjoy coming to lunch, meet up, brunch, do some co-working, have breakfast, sip cocktails, snack on tapas, let loose, and more.

The man behind the project is Bertrand HESNARD, Chairman of Kolibri Group, based in the Morbihan and Finistère for the past 20 years: he inaugurated the two addresses in the new Lorient Rail Station district on 23 September 2021, with the aim of bringing new energy to the city gateway and this swiftly-changing district.

Under the name Aiden by Best Western Hotels & Resorts, renowned for its independent hotels with a singular flair, the hotel called upon Sylvie Artur, interior designer and manager of the firm In Situ to make the hotel part of the city’s history and the world of the Compagnie des Indes. With its theme, the hotel reaches the imagination of its guests through a temporal, cultural and geographical journey that speaks of adventure, the sea and the discovery of distant countries.

Inside the hotel, the Compagnie des Indes is omnipresent, in the decoration and the multiple references to its history. Each corridor bears the name of one of the trading posts of the East India route, while the paintings that adorn them conjure up historical or cultural facts from the period. A treasure hunt across the hotel gives guests the chance to become navigators of the time. The colour scheme is intended to be bright and shimmering, both in the common areas and the rooms. The decorative objects are reminiscent of the world of exploration and India. Each room is an invitation to travel far and wide. The hotel is also equipped with a gym and an indoor patio.

In each room, guests have at their disposal a touch-sensitive tablet that serves as a room directory, enabling them to order breakfast or room service, browse a city guide, make a purchase at the press kiosk, and more. It also introduces them to the hotel's cast and crew. The room is equipped with a home automation system, which can also be controlled from the tablet, enabling guests, curled up under their duvet, to turn the lights off or on, or increase or decrease the temperature of the room, without ever leaving their bed.

The hotel has chosen to give the stage to local producers as much as possible in its breakfast buffet and snack offerings. Where local sourcing is not possible, the hotel has chosen to go with organic products.

In order to limit its impact on the environment, the hotel has installed a digitised environmental management system, including in particular energy consumption optimisation. For example, a presence detector system in the rooms automatically switches off the lighting, air conditioning and heating when there is no prolonged activity in the room.

Customer relations are central to the customer journey, designed to be digital so as to encourage interaction and human contact from check-in to check-out, without needing to stop at a reception desk or fulfil other administrative constraints. The receptionists can be more focused on the customer’s well-being and available to respond more easily to their needs. Check-in and check-out become truly warm and simple moments.

This technological aspect was made possible thanks to the collaborative work of multiple specialised companies, start-ups and otherwise, which we united around the project and who made it possible to implement innovative systems and thus make this hotel an establishment perfectly in step with the times.

To sum up, the hotel’s 3 pillars are:

  • storytelling and comforts, through travel
  • technology
  • the customer experience through human relations



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