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Thursday 09 November 2023 à 18:00

Finaliste - Best Marketing Operation


Campaign - Reveal Cobrand Payment Card by ALL & VISA

Accor, in partnership with BNP Paribas and VISA, are now introducing the ALL - VISA payment card. The Brand has produced a film, that include the largest drone show in Europe and the presentation of 7 venues from eco to luxury brands but also lifestyle and partners beyond hotels presented by its website and social media.

01. Presentation

Name of the marketing operation:
Reveal Cobrand Payment Card ALL - VISA

Pursued objectives:
Product launch & reveal : How to make the launch of a commercial product eventful through a universal, live gesture, generating emotion and reach, which showcases all the brands of the ACCOR group and the ALL loyalty program?

Description of the content:
Various Video Assets (Teaser, Short Version, Long Version).

450 drones and a record in France, show us the way in the Parisian sky by flying over our addresses ...

Dive into the legendary swimming pool of the Hotel Molitor Paris - MGallery, making the best pastries in the kitchens of the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris in the company of the pastry chef Quentin Lechat, yoga class at 21Blanche - Ken Group, remote meeting from a bedroom at the ibis Paris Eiffel Cambronne, or dinner with Paola Locatelli at the Mün - Paris Society restaurant: the drones invite the viewer on a dreamlike journey, with the most beautiful monuments of the French capital as a backdrop. As the night progresses over Paris, more and more drones gather, passing over the headquarters of the Accor group to end their visit above the Hippodrome de Longchamps - Paris Society. The new ALL - VISA payment card then appears in the sky. Finally a QR code is drawn in the sky, that redirects viewers towards the subscription page.

The video features celebrities such as Paola Locatelli, Lucas Omulek and Raphaël Say, models and influencers, or Laure Boulleau, ALL ambassador, former international footballer and TV presenter.

Launch period and year, length:
Teased on 13/09/2021; Launched on 15/09/2021, amplified until the 19/09/2021

Size of the operation:
French Based for a French product but Global reach online for image purposes.

Target audience and potential clients:
Global Public, anyone who could subscribe to the product.
The featured Product is a real innovation, a loyalty program associated with a Visa Credit card, a strategic partnership between Accor, VISA and BNPP. It’s a performance too, because it’s the biggest drone show in Europe that has been produced for the occasion and the drone scenes filmed in the hotels and other places of the group are a first of their kind.

02. Conception

Who and/or what thoughts are behind this operation?
ACCOR & AUDITOIRE are behind the video
The Thoughts and reasoning behind the operation:
• Emotional content engages x2 more VS classic content on social media
• Strong Storytelling makes average watching last longer
• Performance is a good way to go viral
• A Viral video centred around emotion and performance based on social media formats
• A unique way of speaking about a commercial product through a story with a universal language
• An original way of highlighting ACCOR’s Parisian assets through this product launch

Who is in charge of its implementation?

Which departments in the company are involved?
Marketing & Partnership Dpt are involved.

If partnerships outside the company are involved in this marketing operation, what type are they?
Partnership with AUDITOIRE who designed and thinked the Assets, the movie and the Show thanks to their experiential expertise

03.Communication & Implementation

How is the communication around this operation implemented for internal users, customers, partners of the company?

Assets where shared with partners of the company to be displayed on their owned accounts, Assets where displayed in internal communications and in the various screens present in the ACCOR HQ, for customers it was displayed on the owned social media platforms of their various brands, and finally, for the general public, it was available and amplified on social media platforms.

All videos ended with a QR code redirecting viewers towards the product subscription page.

Resources set up to ensure management and monitoring:
A tracking of all content was set up

How are employees, customers, partners involved in the implementation of this marketing operation?
Employees where given a single and unique link to redirect everyone toward the same videos and therefore maximize reach and KPI’s

04. Evaluation

What tools are in place to evaluate the performance of this marketing operation? Media valuation and Number of Views

How are the KPIs measured and what are their results or trends?
Through analysis of Social Media accounts of the brand and of Influencers

Are the set objectives being achieved/on track?

--> Why do you think your project deserves to win?
• A unique performance and arrays of assets delivered to create a truly unique and inspirational campaign
• Product launch is a good opportunity to capitalize on brand love through brand assets
• A new business model created : A product launch could be financed by brand assets to be featured in the advertising campaign


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