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Live from 2015 Global Lodging Forum

500 guests are expected at the 2015 edition of the Global Lodging Forum that has been organized at the Bristol Hotel in Paris on Monday and Tuesday, April 13 and 14. This year's theme is "Tomorrow is already here: where is the hotel industry heading?".

Don't miss the highlights of the day, updates below:

European strategic forum: How to get the groups ready for battle for the next twenty years?

  • "Young people need to be given more power in hotel management and reduce the differences," S.Bazin, Accor
  • "BEing a big strong group makes it possible to gain in negotiation and attract more consumers," P-F Roulot, Louvre Hotels Group
  • "Today we see brands such as Booking developing in 4-5 years," J-G Péres, Moevenpick
  • "It is very difficult to look ahead 20 years at a world that evolves very quickly and changes very rapidly," G. Sampeur, B&B Hôtels
  • "At NH Hotel Group, we try to ensure that everyone spends a little more time outside hotels because that is where everything is happening," F. Gonzalez Tejera, NH Hotel Group

What is the role of franchisees in operational marketing?

  • "Accor franchisees represent more than 50% of the group in France." A.Faye, Association des franchisés Accor
  • "We hold the trademark and respect all its codes," S.Thomas, Président Restomurs
  • "A franchiser is there to bring us everything we can not afford in marketing, innovations, distribution," S.Nazaraly, Président Holding Nazaraly, Franchisé Accor
  • "In the past the operators owned the walls and the business, they had complete control over the concepts concepts. Today this has changed with management contracts and franchisees," D.Ozanne, Foncière des Régions et FDM Management
  • "We have many multi-franchiser franchisees out of pragmatism for their location and choice of brand," R.Donzeau, Association des Franchisés de Louvre Hotels Group
  • "There is no single criterium for choosing, there are several: place, location, competitors, added value of the brand," O. Carvin Maranatha Hotels
  • "Once a brand has been chosen, our role as franchisee is already to do our job well,"P. Jacquier, Invest Hotels

 "The new concepts for commercial accommodations: how to move out of the laboratory and on to the global market?"

  • "It is important to find the right balance between local and global needs," N.Ferrary Airbnb
  • "At Student Hotel, we have three targets: those who stay for a semester, short stays and  hotel stays," C. MacGregor, The Student Hotel
  • "At Meininger, we target school groups, backpackers, and individual clients," E-Van Dijk, Meininger
  • "We are not open to franchise, but make our platform available to hoteliers interested in our concept," K. Sarasola Room Mate
  • "International growth requires international partners," Hubert Viriot, Yotel

Hotel operators and online sales, what new strategy to implement between partners ?

  • "OTAs are like medicine: at some point there are problems with the RevPAR so you try a dose of Booking, but too many doses of Booking can be detrimental," Jean-Luc Chrétien, Accor
  • "We have invested in direct distribution, particularly via mobile," Carl Oldsberg, Choice Hotels
  • "The buying cycle is very long. 47 days go by between a user's first search for a trip and the final reservation," Clément Eulry, Google
  • "At Room4Day, we have found several targets that hoteliers do not take advantage of: airport clientele, local clientele and clientele in transit," Stéphane Branque, Room4Day
  • "As established hoteliers, we realized that some spaces were not used during the day," Iscliff Lebée, Dayuse

From global Big Data to local Smart Data, which information is useful for hotel managers? 

  • "The information does not go from Big to Smart, it is presented," Benoît Lamezec, B&B Hôtels
  • "Big Data is not what we expect from the client, but what we understand from the client," Jean-Luc Chrétien, Accor
  • "In terms of regulations for Big Data, there is no global coherence, which makes the subject extremely complex," Olivier Cohn, Best Western
  • "In the hotel industry, digital media force us to react daily," Vanguélis Panayotis, MKG Group
  • "The first thing to do is define how we want to use data: to improve the customer experience, to improve forecasts...", Paul Mulcahy, Mövenpick Hotels
  • "Our role is to determine what type of information we must supply our hoteliers in order to facilitate their work," Chinmai Sharma, Louvre Hotels Group

"Hotel prices have gotten very expensive for consumers but profits have not followed suit." V.Panayotis

"Germany and England in particular have succeeded in regaining their precrisis levels." V. Panayotis Dir. Dev.

"It is more difficult to find a hotel at a good price than the funds to invest in it." R.N Mankarious

Which strategies should be implemented to activate hotel development ?

  • "At IHG we are not seeking growth at all costs, thatwould not make sense since we have an asset light strategy," P.Bijaoui
  • "Some competitors think that China will replace the US in their profit accounts but that the Chinese are very difficult to compete with," Christian Karaoglanian, Accor
  • "Our goal is to have 10 to 15 additional franchised hotels each year in France." L.Bonnefous, B&B
  • "If you want to develop in China, you need local partners to help you," C. Cappaccioli, NH Hotel Group
  • "In order to develop on the international market it is necessary to be an opportunist, never say never," D. Guiliano, Choice Hotels

Promotion, organization, stimulation, could the destination be the right place to facilitate the evolution of the hotel industry?

  • "In 2000, we observed that Lyon was the number-two business destination but that its hotel supply wasn't up to par..." C.Fumanal, Grand Lyon
  • "In Cannes we have 130 hotels" I.Gainche Directeur Commercial and Marketing, Cannes
  • "At the CRT Normandie, our core business is to promote tourism. We bring financing and operations," J-L Laville, CRT Normandie
  • "At Paris & Co we assist investors with all the complications of implantation, international mobility, looking for locations," K. Bidart, Paris & Co

3 challenges for tomorrow: 1) Continue growth 2) Slow growth of inequalities 3) Protect the environment.

"HiltonWorldwide is number 1 in terms of EBITDA ranking." V.Panayotis


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