Lanson unveils Le Black Création

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Published on 01/09/23 - Updated on 01/09/23


Combining a sense of heritage with expertise, our Winemakers have perpetuated for over 260 years a characterful, fresh and elegant style, with our multi-vintage brut as its signature. Hervé Dantan redefines Le Black Label with Le Black Création, a name that illustrates the tailored work demanded by the exceptional character of each harvest.

Le Black Création, the brut of Maison Lanson reinvented.

Each Création comes with a number in reference to the number of harvests that have taken place since the House was founded in 1760. An evolution that asserts more than ever the savoir-faire of Lanson in the elaboration of great wines. Each Création is unique and enhances the previous one.

Transparency has been at the heart of the process for several years and Maison Lanson has reached a new milestone with the introduction of a QR code on the back label inviting all to discover the secrets of the elaboration of Le Black Création.

The Black Création spirit

The single-parcel approach

Adapting to what nature has to offer, Hervé Dantan reinvents Le Black Création each year while respecting the style of Maison Lanson. Guided by his perfect knowledge of the specificity of each terroir, he selects from a hundred Crus the grapes that will be used in the Black Création blend.

An assertive style

Maison Lanson has always preserved the original principle of Champagne vinification, with predominantly non-malolactic fermentation. This historic expertise allows the wines to retain a wonderful vitality and great aromatic richness over the years., very characteristic of the Lanson style. Mindful of this founding vision, Hervé Dantan set himself a technical challenge by combining this traditional method with a small proportion of wines that have been through malolactic fermentation which brings a touch of roundness when the years require it.

The reserve wines culture

Maison Lanson has one of the largest collection of reserve wines, spanning more than 20 years. Partially aged in barrels, these reserve wines are a key element in ensuring the consistency of the style from year to year. To take the aromatic depth of our blends even further, in 2013 Hervé Dantan established a “perpetual reserve”, maintained every year from the previous blend.

Le Black Création 257

Maison Lanson unveils the 257th blend of its multi-vintage brut based on the 2017 harvest.
The Le Black Création 257 blend is dominated by Pinot Noir (51%), Chardonnay (36%) and Meunier (13%). In addition to this year’s wines, Hervé Dantan has drawn a precise selection of reserve wines from our collection, making up 45% of the final blend, to provide the breadth and aromatic depth so essential to each new Création.

This Création is aged for more than 4 years in the cellars before being revealed.

« Recreating the finest expression of the Lanson style with each harvest is a duty of memory and a challenge that requires creativity and humility towards nature. Each Création is unique and writes a new page in our story, one that we share with the utmost transparency. »

Hervé Dantan, Winemaker at Maison Lanson.

About Maison Lanson :

Founded in 1760, Lanson is one of the oldest Champagne Houses. Drawing on our family heritage and unique expertise, the men and women of Lanson have been guided for more than 260 years by their love of a job well done and their love for others.
The unique and authentic style of our Champagnes rests on 4 immutable pillars: a meticulous selection of Crus; a vinification according to the traditional Champagne principle; a rare collection of reserve wines, and a longer ageing in cellars. Hervé Dantan, Lanson Winemaker, carefully crafts elegant wines, that are characterised by an inimitable freshness, fruitiness and vitality.

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