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What are today's challenges for multichannel distribution in the hotel industry

A round table covering multi-channel distribution in the hotel industry was held last April 10 during the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum. Five professionals offered their enlightenment regarding how the different existing distribution channels function and how they have evolved.

  • "There is a lot to learn in this industry: the challenge consists in understanding how to remodel marketing and sales and which costs may be attributed to which channels, how can the different channels be mixed. Learning has accelerated in the last ten years." Peter Verhoeven, Director General EMEA,

  • "There are major differences between the European markets in terms of distribution. In France, for example, distribution is much more traditional than in other countries such as Spain, where  OTAs are not highly developed." Nadia Younes, Head of Sales Spain, Portugal, France & Benelux, Tourico Holidays

  • "I believe there has been a change in the paradigm that occurred in the industry in recent months. Today we are trying to align better with our hotel partners, particularly thanks to the technology that allows us to better meet their needs by bringing more added value. The relationship between OTAs and hotels is truly in being strengthened." Matthew Shutt, Senior Manager, Global Accounts, Global Partner Group, Expedia

  • "Of course there were debates as to what needs to go into contracts, regarding the "Loi Macron", etc. But the truth is we must be where the customers are, and some partners are able to achieve this visibility at an interesting price for an entrepreneur. This is why we continue to grow." "I do not think our relations with hotels is so conflictual, people know they can use it and they won't hesitate to use the least expensive Channel." Peter Verhoeven, Director General EMEA,

  • "This is my first Global Lodging Forum where there was no conflict between OTAs and hotels. Now we are in a situation in France where it is necessary to have multi channel distribution." Jean-Luc Chrétien, Director General, Fastbooking

  • "The biggest challenge for the industry concerns mobile telephones and the plurality of devices. Today, consumers must face a overabundance of choices and it is very important to be able to get their attention. It is important to make the reservation experience as simple as possible on any device." Matthew Shutt, Senior Manager, Global Accounts, Global Partner Group, Expedia

  • "The platforms are there for all hoteliers who are not connected to major groups, to show them that they can access markets and go find customers online through direct distribution. However, they must realize that they need technology and savoir-faire to do it." Jean-Luc Chrétien, Director General, Fastbooking

  • "Our job is is to allow hoteliers to have their own website, as this part of business is very important for them: it will continue to be less costly than other channels and moreover it protects their business." "Our model complements OTAs because it allows hoteliers to have their customers book directly through their website; it also allows hoteliers to efficiently connect to all the distributors (Booking, Expedia…) through the channel manager and be able to manage them intelligently." Jean-Luc Chrétien, Director General, Fastbooking

  • "Our work consists in negotiating deals directly with properties with which we have prepayment contracts, in order to secure the availability of rooms and offer more interesting prices to tour operators." Nadia Younes, Head of Sales Spain, Portugal, France & Benelux, Tourico Holidays

  • "We multi-source, we pick from the two major OTAs -Booking and Expedia, we have 25 connecters, as well as fifteen or so channel managers (Fastbooking…). We look for the best rate available at any given moment to share it." Franck Demortière, Director Hospitality, MisterFly H-Resa

  • "There are channel managers that connect hotels to our platform, and there are also switch platforms that connect us to our clients. We are currently working on our partnerships with them in order to distribute packages, which Tourico could not do without this technology, as well as to reach more clients." Nadia Younes, Head of Sales Spain, Portugal, France & Benelux, Tourico Holidays

  • "The biggest challenge for us is proper management of the dynamic package, also called pre-package, which means a hotel to which may be added complementary services (flights, activities, automobile rentals, etc.). We want a package that is the most multimodal as possible, by offering accommodations and the best transportation to achieve this." Franck Demortière, Director Hospitality, MisterFly H-Resa

  • "There is a fair number of hotels that ask us to to do pre-package that way, but not just by going on a website where there are other hotels, but in an exclusive manner on their own website." Jean-Luc Chrétien, Director General, Fastbooking

  • "What is complicated today is to create a hub that translates all the different formats sent to us through the Global Distribution System, by Expedia, etc. And the latter should technologically be the most universal possible." Franck Demortière, Director Hospitality, MisterFly H-Resa

  • "Today's platforms must be flexible enough to adapt to the evolutions and trends of the future.Matthew Shutt, Senior Manager, Global Accounts, Global Partner Group, Expedia


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