Could digital advance payments be a solution to attract and retain talent in the hotel and restaurant sector?

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Published on 16/05/22 - Updated on 16/05/22

Attractivité métiers hôtellerie restaura

The Bertrand Restauration Group and Rosaly have just signed a partnership to give employees of several Bertrand Restauration Group brands such as Hippopotamus, Au Bureau or Léon access to a salary advance payment via a digital application.

What if one way to better manage your budget was to receive your salary in instalments throughout the month?

"As a major player in the commercial catering industry, we are proud to be able to deploy a new and practical solution that allows our employees to manage their salary payments more independently,” stated Audrey Pellois, HR Director of the Bertrand Restauration Group.

With more than 450 restaurants in France, the Bertrand Restauration Group is working on its employer brand to attract and retain its talents. Rosaly provides an attractive solution for better recruitment. The application is easy to set up and allows employees to ask for a part of their salary earned since the beginning of the month, without having to justify their request. They then receive the transfer within a few seconds.

There may be 360,000 available positions in the hotel and restaurant industry, but the sector is still struggling to attract staff. This is despite the average 16.33% increase in the current salary scale and the exemption from tax and social security contributions for tips.

F&B and hospitality players need to reinvent themselves as it has become essential that they solidify their employer brand and integrate it fully into a long-term strategy. In spite of certain measures taken by the public authorities, talent management in F&B and hospitality is still lacking.

Every year, the French pay 7 billion euros in overdraft charges to banks to cover their ends of the month. With an overall increase in costs and therefore prices, purchasing power is at the heart of French people's concerns. According to a 2022 Opinion Way study, a third of French people would like to receive their salary at least twice a month. Among the under-35s, the proportion rises to 57%.

The digital solution developed by Rosaly integrates an "anti-overdraft shield" to automatically request the advance payment when a certain overdraft threshold has been reached.

In addition, the start-up covers the advance payments on salaries and therefore does not impact the company's cash flow.

In France, the advance payment scheme, which is an obligation for companies, was previously little used and talked about as it was too cumbersome in terms of administration. Many countries are ahead of France, such as Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, where it is common practice.

This digital solution is interesting because it is advantageous for employees, allowing them to respond to unforeseen events whilst also facilitating administrative management for employers. This initiative shows the desire of F&B and hospitality players to work on their employer brand and to improve the working and living conditions of their employees. It is likely that the development of these solutions will accelerate in the coming months and years.

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