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Published on 21/06/24 - Updated on 24/06/24

Interview with Romée de Goriainoff, one of the three founders of Experimental Group. The company has become a major player in the hotel industry, focusing mainly on management contracts.

The group partners with investors to identify, buy and develop hotels. They have a team of around 70 people at head office, focusing on investor relations, hotel development and acquisitions. Their latest round of funding of €350 million from Brookfield is enabling them to accelerate their growth and to pursue their strong international ambitions. 

Experimental Group stands out for its ability to transform assets into hotels. The most recent example being the conversion of an office. Their business model is based on the acquisition and management of property assets, focusing on projects with strong potential for value enhancement.


Experimental Group's ambitions are clear: significant international expansion. Currently present in Paris, London, New York, Rome, Spain and Switzerland, they are also planning projects in Singapore and Japan. The group aims to triple in size over the next three years.

In Paris, the group has several projects underway, including the renovation of the Hôtel des Saints Pères, a five-star hotel in the sixth arrondissement. They have also signed a project in the Marais district and are working on several other projects in different Parisian arrondissements. Internationally, they are targeting cities such as Berlin, Budapest and Madrid, while developing projects in Europe and the United States. Romée expresses the group's interest in Asian destinations such as Singapore, despite the challenges that market represents.

F&B concepts

Experimental Group is renowned for its innovative restaurant concepts. They regularly collaborate with renowned chefs to offer unique culinary experiences. They opened a restaurant in the Cotswolds in England, which won the award for best restaurant of the year. They also opened Henri on 17 June, a chic Franco-British brasserie in London, run by British chef Jackson Boxer, which offers sophisticated cuisine blending French and British influences. It is located on the ground floor of the Henrietta Experimental Hotel.

Jackson Boxer says: "The Experimental Group has been subtly restoring the historic charm of Covent Garden with various openings, and I'm excited to be joining them in this with Henri. Covent Garden is an enchanting area that has been overrun by chains over the years. It deserves an intimate and ambitious restaurant, and that's exactly what we have in mind for Henri. I admire the Parisian style, spirit and joie de vivre that can be found at the Experimental Group, which fits perfectly with the cuisine I have planned for the restaurant - joyously rooted in tradition and the classic French culinary repertoire. Parisians have a unique approach to hospitality - which always delights them - and I can't wait to help bring a taste of that to the heart of London."

Experimental Group

Xavier Padovani, partner at Experimental Group, says: "Jackson's cooking is a poetic blend of British cuisine with subtle nods to French classics, and he never ceases to amaze us. Working with him at Cowley Manor Experimental was a real pleasure, and it was a natural progression for us to entrust him with the menu for the new Henrietta Hotel restaurant."

Romée emphasises the importance of collaborating with renowned chefs to create unique dining experiences. Proof of this is their recent opening in the south of France, where the restaurant area received rave reviews. The group continues to innovate in F&B, opening establishments in strategic locations and collaborating with culinary talent to deliver memorable experiences for guests.

Each of the Group's hotels and restaurants incorporates local and organic produce, creating an authentic, high-quality experience.

Employee support


Experimental Group has a number of initiatives in place to support and integrate its employees. After the post-COVID difficulties, they had to temporarily close some establishments due to a lack of staff. Romée stresses the importance of ongoing training and the integration of new talent, particularly in response to the increased demand for skilled labour. They strive to maintain a harmonious working environment that is compatible with the company's values, despite the challenges of the labour market.

Romée points out that the group has a proactive approach to recruitment and training. They put in place programmes to attract and retain talent, offering opportunities for professional development and creating a motivating working environment. They are also aware of the challenges posed by staff shortages in the industry and are working to overcome these obstacles by offering attractive working conditions and promoting diversity and inclusion.


Guest relation 

Romée emphasises that their aim is to create a unique and memorable customer experience. They invest in staff training to ensure a high quality service and personalise every interaction with their customers. They focus on customer satisfaction, offering services and experiences that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Their loyalty strategy is based on the quality of their welcome and services, rather than on points systems.

Experimental Group

Experimental Group


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