To attract guests, the hotel must stand out from the crowd

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Published on 19/07/22 - Updated on 19/07/22

Consumers want to get back to their roots, and the design of the properties is one of the markers of an atmosphere conducive to recharging the batteries and having memorable experiences. Kōsame is a young brand created by two Frenchmen, Guillaume and Sarah, who moved to Indonesia. They launched their first collection in 2021 relying on a local ecosystem very well connected around teak wood.

Kōsame,  a return to the roots

 "Through a refined aesthetic, we want to reinvent our living spaces and inspire the world of tomorrow. Our observation is more than a reality, it's an evidence: the future tends towards a collective awareness that naturally directs us towards a return to the essential.

Authenticity, community, experience: our values are reflected in delicately designed furniture, ethical projects and unique creations. More than a furniture line, we intend to share positive emotions with a community that shares our values. 

A common vision

The challenges of the hotel world and the vision we have for Kōsame come together. 

The customer experience is at the heart of our values. That's why we focus on a complete experience that starts with the creation of the furniture, through the use of noble and natural materials.

All our teak wood (new and recycled) is legally sourced from the Indonesian forest.

We work with local factories and craftsmen in Java, Indonesia, with years of experience in working with wood by hand or machine. Teak wood is known for its strength and durability.

We have also partnered with an Indonesian NGO involved in tree planting to minimise our impact.

Giving meaning to projects

Beyond our furniture line, we work on interior design projects. We see these spaces as perfect representations of the Kōsame way of life, in which we include our collections but also custom productions, to offer a complete experience in meaningful places. 

Our concepts are developed by award-winning designer Grace Plawinski. With over 20 years of experience, Grace is an expert in all areas of the design process, having worked in Toronto, New York and Asia with some of the world's leading luxury hotel chains.

It is our collaboration that allows us to create experiences, to tell stories through well designed spaces. We know that customers now want every object they come into contact with to have a soul, and we strive to meet this need through objects crafted by Indonesian artisans whose skills have been passed down through generations.

Authenticity, whatever form it takes, is a strong marker expected by tourist customers. A trend identified by ELLE Hospitalité, as underlined by Anne Billaz and Pascal Donat during the Hospitality Operator Forum. A positioning that corresponds to the identity of Kōsame. The start-up has decorated a restaurant in Bali that is now one of the most prominent places on the island.  Sarah and Guillaume are working with architect Alexis Dornier on the development of individual villas where the brand's furniture will be featured.

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